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Water is an integral part of body functioning, especially for all mammals. Your pets are no exception. So, the proper intake of water is not only necessary but mandatory to every significant structural and anatomical function of a dog’s body.

Dehydration in dogs takes place when the body discharges more fluid than it is consuming. It is very common in every mammal including dogs.

Dehydration problems in your pet should not be a nightmare for you, nevertheless, if, in case of a serious condition, left unheeded and untreated it can lead to severe shocks, internal organ damage, if not death.

With dehydration in your dog, some important bodily functions starting from digestion, body temperature, lubrication of joints to proper functioning of internal organs are hampered.

As your dogs are not being able to communicate with you in words, the question that arises is quite obvious. How to understand that my dog is sick and dehydrated? There are warning signs which indicate that your dog is dehydrated and needs treatment.

As an owner, it is your responsibility to pay heed to those warning signs, and if it is crossing the limits, an immediate appointment of a veterinarian should be done.

This article will help you not only to comprehend those warning signs in a better way but also how to prevent your dogs from being dehydrated.

7 Signs That Your Dog Is Dehydrated

dog dehydration

There are several modalities to check whether your dog is dehydrated or not. There are some symptoms that you would notice automatically in your dog if he is dehydrated.

But, if you feel that your dog is showing signs of dehydration, you can check it by yourself with a simple trick.

1.Skin Elasticity

With the help of your forefinger and thumb, just squeeze its skin tenderly either on their back or head. If the skin of your dog is moisturized, the skin will snap back to its place when you release it, thus indicating optimum hydration level in your dog.

If it is not properly hydrated, the skin will revert slowly, and in case of hyper dehydration, the skin may lose its elasticity and thus may not revert at all.

This phenomenon is known as a skin tent. If the structure of your dog is bony or corpulent, a mild skin tent is natural, and it should not be misunderstood as dehydration.

Dogs breed that have long-hair and a lot of skinfolds, this technique may not function properly.

2. Sunken Eyes

The second thing you must notice as a warning sign of dehydration in your dog is his or her eyes.

Have you ever noticed before anything abnormal in your dog’s eyes?

Did they drop in the sockets?

Probably, you did not know then that it was the time when your dog was dehydrated. The sunken eyes are, among other symptoms, significant that indicate the low level of water in your dog’s body.

The next time your dog is dehydrated you will notice that the eyes of your dog will look deprived, and the sparkle and the glow will be lost as dehydration causes a lot of fluids to be drained out of tissues.

3. Excessive Panting

Do you know why do dogs pant? It is their bodily mechanism to keep their body cool by removing excess heat from the body through evaporation. A moderate panting is usual for any dog.

But, if you notice that after a walk or exercise, the panting of your dog becomes frequent, heavy, and continuous, it is the sign that your dog is dehydrated.

Excessive breathlessness is caused by severe dehydration and should attract your immediate attention.

4. Dry Nose

Do you know that the nose of your dog can tell a lot of things about your dog’s health?

A wet nose is considered to be healthy for your dog. As the secretion of sweat is done through their nose, a dry nose indicates dehydration and requires your scrutiny.

5. Dry Gums

Have you heard about the occurrence ‘delayed capillary refill time’? It is a technique to realize whether your dog is dehydrated or not. You just have to do a simple thing.

First, place your index finger on the gum of your dog and exert light pressure, and you would notice that the pressure point will turn white.

And then when you decamp your finger, if the color returns to its original one, which is pink, your dog is fine. The sign of dehydration is that it will take more time to recover its pink color.

6. Weak Hind Legs

If your dog suffers from severe dehydration, weakness in hind legs will be another sign to watch for.

If you observe that it is becoming difficult for your dog to walk, and even to stand for that matter, be sure that the dehydration has been aggravated into an advanced stage.

7. Change in Behavior

How do you feel when you are suffering from extreme distress and anguish? The first thing that any kind of pain strikes is our energy level. The dogs feel well-nigh in the same manner.

As dogs do love their owner like anything and you may have noticed how your adorable pet rushes to you when you are back at home.

So, a lack of excitement and tardiness in everyday activity may be a prior sign that something is wrong with your pet, and dehydration can be one of the causes of your dog’s lack of alacrity.

Some other symptoms indicate that your dog is dehydrated. The signs are as follows.

● Appetite loss
● Vomiting
● Diarrhea
● Thick saliva
● Dark urine

How to Prevent the Problem of Dehydration

As you have already familiar with the warning signs it should not be a matter of concern to identify this condition in your dog.

What matters is the immediate step, and the next part of the article will help you to get an idea about how to react and what to do when your dog is dehydrated. Moreover, You can take precautionary steps to prevent such conditions.

1. Keep Sufficient Water Available

The root cause of dehydration is the lack of water. So, the primary step to prevent dehydration is to supply plenty of water to your dog as needed. Let me remind you of the fact that it is a precautionary measure.

If the condition of your dog is severe due to dehydration, you should consult a vet immediately.

Now, if you live in a tropical or sub-tropical region, the temperature there naturally makes your dog lose more water. So, if you are playing with your dog on the premises of your house, or in the park after arduous exercises, make sure that you carry water with you to rejuvenate your dog.

When you are at home, always remember to refill the bowl of water that helps your dog to keep hydrated throughout the day. If you do not stay at home all day, an automatic refill water bowl is your savior.

2. Prevent Your Dog From Diarrhoea

Another way that your dog may lose plenty of water is through diarrhea. Diarrhea can happen due to various health problems. It could happen from the presence of worms, viruses, and bacteria.

A disease called parvovirus, often seen in dogs, is a highly infectious disease that can lead to excessive vomiting and diarrhea.

As diarrhea is directly linked to loss of water, it can surely trigger dehydration. Severe dehydration can cause a life-threatening condition.

However, you have to be cautious about the food that you are providing to your dog. The chances of getting a viral or bacterial infection can mostly be attributed to foods.

Furthermore, at the time of providing water in a bowl make sure the side of the bowl is elevated so that water does not spill. Your dog may catch the infection if it licks the floor.

Some other steps to prevent your dog from this type of illness are as follows –
● Regular vaccination
● To keep old food and garbage away from your dog
● Consult with your vet to take necessary steps to prevent parasite infection in your dog

Ways to Treat Dehydration in Your Dog

1. Slowly Rehydrate

If you are sanguine that your dog is dehydrated, contact your vet immediately, and he may ask you to come over to his chamber that he may arrange some intravenous fluid to keep your dog on the drip.

It will not take much time. But if he thinks that the level of dehydration is aggravated, he may ask you for a simple blood test along with an X-ray or ultrasound, if needed, and treat accordingly.

Oral Rehydration solution can be used if the symptoms are mild and your pet can drink. Depending on symptoms that your dog is having, the vet may prescribe some anti-sickness and antibiotic medicines.

So, the thumb rule to prevent dehydration is that when you are drinking water to quench your thirst, get your dog his proportion or water too at that time.


We can’t avert our dogs from getting sick. What you can do is to keep them up-to-date with time to time vaccination and to maintain a proper healthy and balanced diet, along with some preventive measures like putting away socks, garbage and inedible items that may trigger harm in your dog.

Being more sensitive to them and understanding the importance of keeping them hydrated will prevent them from getting sick

With the commencement of the lockdown due to COVID 19, the plight of the pet dogs has also become prominent.

For the last two or three months, a lot of changes have been experienced by people regarding their working schedule and daily lifestyle, for instance, virtually attending office hours in pyjamas, placating the domestic issues to pay heed to keep our fitness level at the peak at home, thanks to the closure of gyms.

Like us, our pets are also experiencing some changes in their lifestyle, mainly in terms of exercise, as the daily walking part of your dog in the fresh air has come to a halt.

In this situation, it is very important to keep your pet fit and healthy by paying attention to his or her food.

As it is not always possible to get hold of your pet’s favorite foodstuffs, you need to provide them with homemade foods that will be at the one hand delicious and on the other, a source of nourishment in this difficult times.

Here is a guide that will provide you adequate knowledge about what to feed your dog to keep your pet healthy during the lockdown and what not!

Food Items Preferably for Your Dog During the Lockdown

dog food

1. Wet Foods

During the lockdown, you can opt for wet dog foods as it will keep their stomachs full for a very long time, and at the same time, your pets are indeed the biggest advocates of wet foods.

The resemblance of wet foods with meat or by-products of meat makes it very dear to the dogs, and the most convenient matter is that you can mix it with any other items like meat or rice that is less expensive. So, it will save your pocket too.

Wet foods keep the moisture content of the urinary tract of your dogs. So, if, by any chance, the water intake of your pet suddenly falls off, it won’t create much problem.

So, proper water content involved in your pet’s food will deceive him or her into a weight loss plan. Otherwise, it is quite obvious that your pet will put on a lot of weight due to its reduced hours of exercise.

The presence of higher protein content in wet dog foods will keep your dog healthy and active.

2. Dry Dog Food

Dry kibble can be the perfect option for your pet in the lockdown if it has a proportionate amount of nutrition content and also won’t break the bank. The primary advantage of dry food is that you can measure it out.

A compact diet includes an adequate, accurate, and right portion of food which only the dry foods can provide. During the lockdown, as it is very difficult to go out to buy essentials regularly, a container of dry food can be easily stored for a long period and used before the shelf life expires.

The advantage is two-pronged. Firstly, little wastage of food and secondly, easy access to food items whenever needed.

As dry dog foods often keep your pet’s teeth clean, but dogs, having tooth and gum problems, find it hard to chew dry kibble.

According to the need of your dog, in such cases, wet dog food can be given in place of dry kibbles.

3. Chicken and Rice

The most easily accessible food that you can have in your rooms is chicken and rice as these two are the most popular items that we eat regularly.

So, if you choose rice that is a staple food, and a light preparation, or maybe simple boiled chicken for your dog, you have many headaches gone from your head. The first and foremost thing is that it is easily available as more often than not we consume it.

Nowadays, as the shopping malls are closed, it is almost impossible to get proper readymade food for your pets. Secondly, these two items are most loved by your pets.

But it is recommended not to give them raw chicken as the presence of salmonella or other bacterias may harm them. Anything in between less spicy to boiled chicken would do the work marvelously.

You should also debone the chicken as it may cause choking problems. Chicken would not only make a place in your dog’s diet as a tasty meal, but the protein content and benefits it has are immense.

If you have no idea how to prepare a tasty chicken recipe for your dog, try searching for some vet-approved chicken preparation, and you are good to go.

Food Items That You Should Avoid for Your Pets During the Lockdown

chocolate for dog

In some countries, the Government did not consider dog food as essential items at the onset of lockdown, albeit they have allowed dog food as essential items much later.

If you have faced this situation, you may know how difficult it is to feed your dog as most of the dog owners didn’t store nuggets or dry foods for their pets before the lockdown.

They may at that time have resorted to some easily accessible items like chocolate, alcohol, citrus fruits, etc. without knowing the range of harm that these foods can instill to their pet.

For all dog owners, here is a list of some food items that you must avoid providing your dog in any circumstances.

1. Alcohol

Though it sounds a bit weird to someone when they see alcohol in the list of strict no-no items for pets.

Who does provide alcohol to his or her dog?

Right! Yes, you would be amazed to know that some people buy alcohol-free beer for their pets. Though it is alcohol-free, a smidgen of alcohol that is present in a piece of bread or herbal syrups may cause serious problems for your dog and can lead to diarrhea, CNS depression, vomiting, breathing problem, acidity, etc.

While there is a dearth of vet doctors during the lockdown, you can easily understand how difficult the situation would be if your dog suffers from such health problems because of your apathy.

2. Chocolate, Coffee or Caffeine Related Items

Chocolates and drinks contain caffeine are the most available items to be found in our refrigerator but do not let your pet have these items never, albeit out of affection.

These products contain methylxanthines. If it is consumed by pets, the outcome would be in the form of panting, excessive urination, diarrhea, and abnormal heart rhythms.

Although you can prefer some white chocolate for your pet as it contains a minimum level of methylxanthine, dark chocolates for them are deadly.

Keep in mind what suits you may prove fatal to your dog and instruct your children to act by these rules also.

3. Citrus Fruits

The seeds, stems, peels, or fruit of any citrus plant, having a good amount of citric acid are deleterious for your pets.

Although a very small amount is unlikely to cause any severe problems other than stomach upset, if consumed in a sizeable amount, it can cause CNS depression and gastrointestinal upsets.

The more you are aware of what foods to avoid for your dog during this lockdown, the more you will able to choose the accurate, proper and healthy foods to keep your dog strong, healthy, and fit during this precarious time.

If you are looking for surprising facts about dog lovers then this article is for you. I have shared some amazing facts that every dog lover/owner wants to know.

Owning a dog is a delightful experience, but raising a dog requires much more than just feeding and playing with it. Owners of dogs sometimes wonder if the dogs can feel?

Do they have emotions?

Let’s take an example. When you are back home, your dog comes to you with great alacrity by wagging her tails. It makes you contemplate, “Oh! She is so happy to see me, and she loves me also”.

This moment let’s you connect yourself with your dog emotionally.

So, being an owner of a dog, makes it necessary for you to glean a substantial knowledge about dogs, for instance, what makes them angry and how sensitive they are, how to keep them physically healthy, how to feed them, train them and above all these, how to create a strong bond with your pet?

21 Facts Every Dog Lover/ Dog Owner Must Know


Here, a guide is provided regarding 21 facts that all dog lovers and dog owners should know to make them better informed.

1. Dogs Do Have Emotions

A lot of research around the world has shown that dogs experience the same chemical changes that a human does at the time of emotional temperament. Dogs do also have hormones, like oxytocin.

The presence of this hormone in humans is associated with the feeling of affection and love for others.

If you are thinking about the takeaways from the above-mentioned fact, yes, you need to spend a good amount of time from your daily schedule to quench the thirst that your dog wants in the form of your attention.

Spending more time with your dog will enable you to bridge the gap between your pet and you and draw you closer to it emotionally and affectionately. So, to cut the long story short, to be loved by your dog, you need to love it first.

2. Your Home Needs to Be Pet Proof

As dogs are very much playful and curious, a usual home arrangement may prove fatal for your dog in many ways, and it can also lead you to much trouble.

If you have a dog in your home, or maybe you are planning to bring one, make sure you follow the steps below to avoid difficulties.

  • Always try to use shelves and cabinets that are out of your dog’s reach and try to keep medicines, toys, plastics, and chemicals in those shelves.
  • Dogs have a very sharp sense of smell. So, always secure the trash in your home. Otherwise, they will turn your home into a mess.
  • Install a gate and keep him behind the bars when you are busy doing some work like cleaning, painting, or anything that requires concentration and tranquility. But, don’t keep it there for more than 1 and a half hours.
  • Dogs have a strong inclination to chew wires. So, you should watch for wires in your home and try to manage the wire in a place unattainable to your dog.

3. The Presence of Dogs Can Relieve Stress

Often you consider incorporating yoga and meditation in your life to get rid of the work stress in your life. How about getting a companion who can naturally relieve your stress! Yes, you heard it right. The companion is no one but a dog.

Owner of a dog enjoys umpteen health benefits, for instance, it can enhance your mood when you are upset, it helps in lowering your blood pressure, it can also provide you social support.

With a dog comes unconditional love. You may be surprised to hear that dog kisses can improve your health as it has certain microbes and probiotics which have a positive effect on human health.

4. Start to Train it Early

Anything that starts early has numerous benefits. The same applies to the training of your dog. Do not wait until your dog is seven months old to train him how to sit, walk, jump, and eat.

If your dog reaches its adolescent period, it may be difficult for you to change its bad habits at that time. Starting early would eliminate that possibility.

5. Use Voice Command to Train Your Dog

Though it is difficult to train your dogs through voice command at the beginning and time consuming, it is the perfect method as shown by an Italian study that dogs respond to voice commands with 90% accuracy.

Resorting to using sticks to train him or her to obey orders could end up making your dog stubborn and defensive.

6. Socialization is Important

The biggest mistake that most dog owners make is to not teach their dogs the boundaries, rules, and limitations, that is in a word how to be socialized.

Socialization is how to be polite and act according to the rules. So, you must try your young puppy getting accustomed to the socialization process by making them interact with other people, places, and animals so that they become aware of the rules in a situation.

7. Keep Your Pet Well Nourished

Feeding your food to your pet from your table may preferably be avoided and try to give him or her a well-nourished pet food that is specifically designed for his breed.

For example, providing them with omega 6 rich foods will make his fur strong. If your dog is not sleeping properly, then the reason may be wet weather.

In that case, antioxidant-rich foods can help his immune system to deal with the situation.

8. Regular Health Checkup

Owning a dog brings a lot of responsibilities. Dogs may experience different health problems, but lacking speech they may not be able to express it properly.

So, as a responsible owner, you should make regular visits to a veterinarian, and a periodical health check-up of your pet is necessary to keep him healthy and happy.

As veterinarians are experts in dealing with animals, any decision regarding your pet should be made in compliance with the advice of the vet.

9. Exercise is a Must

Regular exercise constitutes a vital part of keeping your dog healthy and fit. Keep in mind that dogs are dependent on you, and until you take them out to have a walk, they can’t be able to sense the smell, sight, and sounds of the world.

Moreover, you must know how fresh air and sunshine are important for all of us and apply them to your dogs too. Sunshine is a source of vitamin D which helps in bone development and growth.

Dogs love rewards. So, all exercise and no rewards will make them unenthusiastic.

Think of yourself, how about a day with all study and no movies, cycling, or Netflix? I hope you have understood the demand of your dog. Only a chocolate bar would suffice.

10. Dogs Can Make Your Child a Better Human Being

Do you know that a dog’s close vicinity of a dog at the time of growing up of your children could make them a more responsible citizen?

Yes, it has been proved that the emotional state of mind and understanding of life is much more mature in those children who grow up with pets, especially dogs than other kids, and they possess a robust immune system also.

11. They Can Think and Contemplate

The mind of the dogs operates 85% by instincts and 15% by the knowledge they gain over the years.

There is a very popular story of a German Shepherd who used to kill rabbits and took those dead rabbits to the owner’s home.

One day, the owner reprimanded him, and from the next day instead of taking the dead rabbits inside the room, the dog buried them outside. Isn’t it a nice story to infer that dogs can contemplate too?

12. They Suffer from Separation Anxiety

As it is already mentioned, dogs do have emotions, and from that emerges separation anxiety.

Being the owner of the dog, if you don’t come in contact with your pet for a long time, they feel this anxiety, which leads them to renunciate their food, bath, and unable to lead their normal life.

This mostly happens when your children, who have built a strong bond with the pet over the years, go abroad for a job or to study.

13. A Tiny Effort Can Also Make Your Dog Happy

Dogs help us to realize how preoccupied our minds are with material objects and how to appreciate everything, doesn’t matter how trivial it is, in our life.

They remain happy with everything you do for them, and they appreciate every minute you spend with him or her.

They teach us the philosophy that enjoys the tiniest moment of your life, and in the future, when you retrospect, you will realize those were the best and precious moments of your life.

14. They Love Music Too

It has been already mentioned that while adopting a dog, you should make your pet-proof. But, that doesn’t suffice as you have to make it pet-friendly too.

A study suggests that heavy metal music suddenly turns dogs agitated, and they start to bark, whereas classical music seemed to generate a calming effect. So, try to play such music that would please your dogs as they love music too!

15. They have Cognitive Skills Which are Secrets

There are so many videos on YouTube that show that the dog owners intentionally faint to see the reaction of their pet. Have you seen the reaction of the dogs?

Nothing in this world can touch your heart more than those scenes. They feel abandoned, anxious, and they keep poking the owner trying their utmost to retrieve and rescue her.

Yes, dogs have intelligence and try to use that intelligence intelligently.

16. Dogs Care For Their Owners

If you are a dog lover, you should immediately watch a movie called ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’, where a dog, named Akita is so loyal to his owner that he used to wait for his owner every day in a railway station.

One day suddenly his owner died, and Akita continued his daily waiting for nine years till his death.

You will be surprised to know that the movie is based on a true story. That is how every dog cares for his or her owner. You should keep your commitments too.

17. They are Very Sensitive to Weather Change

Being an owner you must have noticed the mood swing of your pet according to the weather change, and that is because they are very sensitive to the environment.

Brachycephalic breeds have trouble breathing in hot weather, so leaving your dogs in your car during summer for a while could kill your pet.

18. Signs That Suggest Your Dog Is Sick

Dogs may be super-expressive. But what they lack is speeches to communicate with us. Pay great heed to the sudden behavioral changes of your dog. These signs may hint that your dog is seriously ill.

  • Bad breath
  • Excessive urination
  • Change in appetite
  • Increased sleeping hours
  • A lackadaisical approach to activities
  • Dry and red eyes with digestive upsets

19. Be Careful in Choosing the Perfect Dog Collar

Do you know that in Ancient times Greeks fashioned the spike collars to tie them around dogs’ neck to prevent them from wolf’s attack?

But, hopefully, as you don’t have a wolf in your house, you may take an extra bit of care while choosing the perfect band for your dog as a one-size-fits-all approach might not work for your dog. And, do you want to be a smart dog owner? Why not try an e-collar?

20. Remember That You Have a Pet While Going Shopping

This sounds funny, but when you have brought a new guest in your house, you have the responsibility to take care of his basic needs, right? If you are a new dog owner, try to add these things to your list while you are out for shopping

  • Water bottles and foods
  • Collars
  • A doggy bed
  • A tennis ball

21. They Have a Short Span of Life

While the span of human life could be extended up to 90-100 years, dogs have hardly 10-12 years of life.

This fact is not to dishearten you, but to encourage you to take more and more care for your dog.

You should make your pet feel that you love him or her like anything. A perfect dog owner is a person who takes care of all the needs and demands of their lovable pet.

To all budding pet lovers, dogs appear to be the most faithful and intelligent. They show huge respect and love towards their owner. Hailed by many as our best friend in the me-time or the leisure hours and considered to be man’s best friend. To learn more about the most popular dog breeds in India, give this article a thorough read from scratch.

Available Best Dog Breeds in India

If you are looking for the best dog breeds here in the Indian subcontinent, then it’s difficult to find at the initial stage. However, we have narrowed down your research through a meaningful list.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador-Retriever Dog breeds in india
Labrador Retriever: Best Dog Breeds in India

Labrador Retriever is one of the most friendly pals who can reside with your family. They maintain a very stable connection with neighboring dogs and human beings happen to be their darling. Labrador complexions vary and are available in black, yellow, and luscious chocolate colors.

The height of this breed ranges from 22.5 to 24 inches and the life span is between 10-12 years. They bear a very friendly and active relationship and always want to go outside for fun.

Unique Attributes of Labrador Retriever

  • In order to feed this breed, it is essential to have a superior food containing various nutritional aspects. They are quite likely to become obese.
  • Labradors came up with water-resistant double coarse skin which needs to be groomed occasionally.
  • These breeds are not rigid and quite enthusiastic. So, it is essential to make them perform various exercises per day.
  • Moreover, they are quite obedient as well.

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dog Breeds in India
German Shepherd: Dog Breeds in India

German Shepherd is one of the most common breeds in the entire kingdom of dogs who appears to be quite curious as well as loyal.

They can go against all odds to safeguard their family making them one of the strongest housekeeping dogs in the world. Since this breed always remains active all day long, GSD requires a certain amount of physical activity on a daily basis.

The average height of this breed varies within the range of 24-26 inches and weight of the dog varies within the range of 55-75 pounds. The life expectancy of this breed varies within the range of 9-13 years.

Unique Attributes of German Shepherd

  • The puppies used to develop at a faster rate and always thrive on the diet which is enriched with protein.
  • German Shepherds shed at a tremendous rate and they are equipped with thick double coats which mainly need brushing as well as grooming.
  • These breeds are quite intelligent and they can master several tricks with a certain interval of reputation.

Small Dog Breeds in India

Bringing a cutest member in your home is always an overwhelming experience and happiness knows no bounds when the sweet, cute member is a puppy. However,they add more value other than their innocent cute look.

3. Beagle

Beagle Dog Breeds in India
Beagle: Small Dog Breeds in India

Beagles are the most active, friendly pal and are ideal for kids since they always seek gentle and fun-loving company. They come with an amazing power of smell and tend to follow the smell to find out the person.

They are so sensitive that they can chase rats, butterflies, or other dogs. Moreover, they increase the aesthetic value of the place with their gorgeous outlook like red, lemon, white, etc.

Unique Attributes of Beagle

  • This pet is quite adorable having long ears masking this breed which is quite popular among pet owners.
  • Bark of the Beagle is not that soft like the small dogs.
  • Because of the small size.most of the owners prefer to keep this breed in their apartments.

4. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Dog Breeds in India
Shih Tzu: Small Dog Breeds in India

These are adorable, happy, outgoing house dogs who always like to work with their family members around.

They easily get fit inside the apartments and for the owners who are using it for the first time. They are quite affectionate by nature as well.

Unique Attributes of Shih Tzu

  • This breed is well used to the cooler temperature.
  • They not only show their love to the family but also to other pets residing there.
  • This dog is unable to withstand bad behavior.

The Most Popular Dog Breeds in India

5. Pugs

pug Dog Breeds in India
Pugs: Popular Dog Breeds in India

This is one of the best varieties available in India and dog lovers love to giggle around with this cute dog. It is perfect for those who are staying in small households and apartments.

Although the pugs shed, the hair fall seems to be quite low making the dogs quite easy for maintenance. They do not always bark until they find themselves stuck under mud.

You need to take care of their nails on a regular basis since long nails can create certain sorts of problems. They are available in colors like Apricot, Silver, or Black.

Unique Attributes of Pugs

  • They thrive on homemade as well as manufactured foods since healthy calories form an important part of their diet.
  • Since Pugs are not that exposed to obesity, their diet contains little amount of fat.
  • Pugs appear to be quite adaptive since they like enjoying themselves outside or having some good time with their owner indoors.

6. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Dog Breeds in India
Golden Retriever: Popular Dog Breeds in India

This breed is quite popular since these parts are quite friendly,and gets mixed with people easily.

They appear to be very intelligent as well as well trained. These appear to be perfect watchdogs owing to their strong attitude, sober appearance, and medium-size.

Moreover, these breeds are equipped with waterproof coats covered with straight or wavy coats that need proper grooming. This dog is available in both golden as well as cream colors.

Unique Attributes of Golden Retriever

  1. This breed requires top quality either prepared at home or brought from any store. However, these breeds suffer from obesity as per the trend and because of this it is important to have a proper intake of calories.
  2. Golden retrievers start to shed their thick, water protective coats maybe in one or two years.
  3. This breed is quite faithful and is always at the beck and call of the owner.
  4. For this breed to develop properly, it is important to have puppy training classes.

7. Great Dane

Great Dane Dog Breeds in India
Great Dane: Dog Breeds in India

The Great Dane is an obedient breed and you can train this easily owing to the high intelligence level. It is more or less friendly and wants to play around with people as well as other dogs.

This dog is available in colors such as a mantle, harlequin, brindle, etc. The weight of the dogs varies within the range of 110 to 175 pounds.

Unique Attributes of Great Dane

  • Great Danes are fed superior quality dog food as per the age of the dog.
  • This breed requires small meals at a regular interval.
  • Because of the consumption of multiple meals, they refrained from rigorous workouts during mealtimes.
  • The short smooth coat doesn’t shed easily. However, during this period of shedding, hair loss seems to proliferate and daily combing seems to be a need.
  • For breeds as powerful as the Great Dane, training to make it obedient seems to be a must.
  • Long nails of this breed must be trimmed on a regular basis.
  • Moreover, early socialization as well as puppy training is also recommended.

Cute Dog Breeds in India

Dogs can be a loving cutie when you come back from the workplace during the evening. They will jump and will try to greet you in every possible way. To remove your boredom,they try to play a certain role to create charm and happiness on your face.

8. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier dog breeds in india
Jack Russell Terrier: Cute Dog Breeds in India

The breed is also known as the Parsons Russell Terrier and its origin in England dates back to 200years and was meant for hunting foxes.

They are referred to as the friendly smart dogs and loving attitude towards their owners and they need a well equipped powerful trainer for proper training. However, the cuteness of this dog outstands all the negative aspects.

Unique Attributes of Jack Russell Terrier

  • The weight of this breed varies within the range of 5 to 8kgs.
  • They are covered with a white coat along with certain brown marks. However, they are quite popular owing to the square face along with a tender,glossy appearance.
  • They are quite fast and leave the big dog behind.

9. Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz
Indian Spitz: Cute Dog Breeds in India

This is a cute little dog having its origin from Pomeranian ancestors. They were recognized as an isolated breed in the year 1970.

The height of this breed varies within the range of 8 to 18 inches and the weight lies within the range of 5 t0 20 kgs.

It appears to be a very arduous task to import dogs during the mid-1990s, Spitz and GSD seem to occupy a very strong presence.

However, in spite of having long fur, the decades of breeding in India makes it quite suitable for them to adjust to warm Indian climates.

Unique Attributes to Indian Spitz

  • They are well accustomed to reside in small apartments as well as large buildings.
  • These breeds are quite friendly as well as intelligent.
  • They are available in three coats namely brown, black, and white.
  • The cute face makes them quite accustomed to Indian nuclear families.

Dog Breeds Banned in India

There are certain varieties of oi breeds that originate in various parts of India. But because of the vulnerability and the weather conditions, those dogs are banned in India. So, if you go through the undermentioned list thoroughly, you will get to know every bit of it.

10. Indigenous Himalayan Mastiff

Indigenous Himalayan Mastiff
Indigenous Himalayan Mastiff: Dog Breeds Banned in India

This breed resides in the Himalayan region along with various Tibetan mastiffs. They are quite calm and composed and always likes to please his master and the family members.

But making them reside in the hot climate of India is quite difficult. However, they can behave rudely if something doesn’t go well. There are only a few species left and they are known as endangered ones.

11. Alangu Mastiffs

These are strong ones usually kept for guarding your house since they are quite sensitive and tend to act quickly because of their sharp instincts.

They are also termed as Sindh Mastiff as they originated from the Bhawanipur area of Punjab.

Currently, they are only available in two districts of South India. This breed is quite aggressive but very loyal to the owners.

12. Combai or Kombai Dog

This is a powerful breed residing in Southern Parts of India like Tamil Nadu. It is quite a sturdy dog and is meant for hunting deer, bison, etc. These dogs are quite active but they are very protective to their owners.

Get your Hands With the Best Breeds

So, if you are searching for the most popular Dog breeds in India, then this article will guide you through. You will understand every point if you read this article.

Each and every detail is formulated in a fashion so that the reader can understand.

However, we always seek suggestions and opinions. We have also given an overview of the banned dogs in India. So, purchase the best breed as per your choice. If you feel like we have missed out on certain points, you can provide those in the comment section.

Got bored with the daily monotonous life? Well, if yes is the answer, then you have just sneaked into the right platform. Pet Dogs can be the best friend who will play with you, giggle around, and entertain you after the days of work. No matter how bad or gloomy your day is, nothing can be more joyful than spending time with your dog during leisure time.

They bring a smile on your face as you enter the room, and will bounce back on you, licking you, and your grumpy face will soon be transformed into a jolly appearance. They can bring peace, fun, and plenty of smiles. Once you return home from outside, they will treat you as if you were out of centuries. They will warm your bed when it’s getting colder at night.

So, if you want to tame a dog, then it is advisable to adopt one. Various pet dogs are available outside, thriving for food and shelter. You can give them a secure home with proper nourishment. However, if you are looking for some good breeds and have a special liking towards any breed, we will provide the list of various dogs along with price range.

Dog Price List in India

If you are really running on a low budget, then there are certain dogs available under a price range of 10k. You won’t need to spend too much. However, if you are looking for some fancy breed, well then there can be some really costly ones.

1. Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz
Indian Spitz: Dog Price List in India

This dog has a size range varying from small to medium range and likes to be quite friendly with behavior and actions. Indian Spitz is in huge demand nowadays since they are quite healthy and they don’t need any formal training. These breeds are well accustomed to various climatic conditions and suited to live in apartments or buildings.

India Spitz Prices in India

This is one of the cheapest breeds available in India and is quite reasonable than the foreign breeds. Moreover, you don’t have to spend too much on Indian Spitz since the maintenance cost is quite low. You can buy one in India at a nominal rate of 4000 INR. In some cases, you will get a much more reasonable rate. The average price varies from 2000 to 8000 in India.

Why Is Indian Splitz the Best Breed?

  1. They are quite intelligent and remain active all the time.
  2. Also, they are well accustomed to the Indian climate.

2. Pomeranian

Pomeranian: Dog Price List in India

If you are a pet owner, then you will certainly have a chance upon Pomeranian puppies here in India. The fluffy body and innocent face bring happiness to the face of the owner. The magnificent outer layer requires nourishment and proper care. If you are really interested in them and don’t care bout the price tag, then you have arrived at the right corner.

Pomeranian Prices in India

The price of a Pomeranian varies within the range of 3000-7000 INR. However, it’s very difficult for maintenance since they are readily available for buying.

Why is Pomeranian the Best Breed?

  1. This breed adapts itself well with the apartment livings.
  2. These dogs are easy going and are perfect for novice owners.
  3. This breed establishes a strong relationship with the family.

3. Labrador

Labrador: Dog Price List in India

The most discernible character of the labrador includes short, densified, and weather preventive coat. Nowadays the labradors are quite hardworking, unlike their ancestors. Also, these breeds are used in dog sports like agility as well as obedience competitions mostly obedience. They proved their worth through the history of the breed transforming from fisherman’s companion to the field retriever.

Labrador Prices in India

The labrador puppy is available within the range of 5000-10,000 INR. Also, the cost of maintenance is also quite less compared to the other ones. The prices of brown, yellow, or black Labradors can vary to some extent. But for a pure and authentic breed, the average price varies within the range of 1200-17000.

Why is Labrador the Best Breed?

  1. They are the most adorable dogs which are on trend.
  2. These dogs are quite active and are quite athletic as well.

4. Rajapalayam

Rajapalayam: Dog Price List in India

This is a dog of Indian breed hailing from the southern part of India and that is Tamil Nadu.

They are used for a long time in order to guard various rice fields, farmhouses, etc. Their loyalty is widely acclaimed and they are treated like guards in border areas like Kashmir.

Rajapalayam Prices in India

They are native dogs and therefore doesn’t require too much maintenance. The average price of this breed varies within the range of 6000-9000. In the Trichy range, the price of this dog varies within the range of 5000-8000 INR and in Kerala, this price varies within the range of 5000-9000 INR. In some places, this price may rise up to 12 thousand as well.

Why is Rajapalyam the Best Breed?

  1. If you train this dog with other breeds, they appear to be friendly with them in all sorts.
  2. It is groomed naturally and doesn’t require any formal training.
  3. These breeds are preferable to be grown up with those children who give value to the self-esteem of the animals.

5. Dachshund

Dachshund: Dog Price List in India

These are hound dogs generally trained to hunt badgers as well as other tunneling animals. Also, hunters use them for trailing wild boars. Owing to their versatility, they are used in various dog shows and they are treated as amazing family members.

The unique attractive posture of the dog entices many budding dog lovers. These dogs are generally small-sized and the cost is quite low.

Dachshund Prices in India

You can easily afford a Dachshund puppy that comes within the range of 7000 to 8000 INR. However, it is always recommended to purchase these dogs from authentic breeders or stores.

Why Dachshunds Are the Best Breeds

  1. The funny and enticing nature makes you really energetic.
  2. These breeds are quite intelligent and therefore, you need to employ these dogs to some activities.
  3. They are mainly intended for hunting.

6. Caravan

Caravan: Dog Price List in India

This breed is not meant for keeping apartments or buildings. They are specially built to suit some large areas which are more spacious similar to a fenced yard. It is not adapted to the fancy and the cold climate.

Caravan requires rigorous workouts to remain physically as well as mentally strong. It is essential to take them to long walks or place them beside the person who is leading.

Caravan Prices in India

You can purchase these breeds within the price range of 8000-12000 INR. However, you need to train them properly since they are not good with strangers.

Why is Caravan the Best Breed?

  1. These breeds have huge stamina as well as speed.
  2. Their physical strength, along with potential speed helps them to become more mobile and participate in various events over rough terrains.

7. Rottweiler

Rottweiler: Dog Price List in India

This is one of the aggressive breeds of the dog after Rajaplayam and considered to be a guard for your family. The male breed of this category likes to remain aloof and don’t easily get mixed with many people instantly.

Rottweiler Prices in India

This dog is available in various regions of India within the price range of 18000-25000. If you are looking for a quality puppy, this value shoots up to 35,000 and can even be moved to lakhs on the basis of the import lineage. Therefore, it is essential to track the health and fitness level of the dog before buying.

Why is the Rottweiler the Best Breed?

  1. You can easily train these dogs since they are good listeners and will obey the orders as per the instructions given.
  2. Also, they are trustworthy and require very little maintenance.

8. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever: Dog Price List in India

This is a strong, muscular dog of average size mainly meant for the densified coat as per the nomenclature. But before buying these breeds like Golden Retriever, it is essential to carry out certain health tests like elbow evaluation, cardiac tests, hip evaluation, etc.

Golden Retriever Prices in India

In a country like India, Golden Retrievers are available within the price range of 15000 to 25000. You can also purchase Golden Retrievers at a much lesser price from the local owners or from puppy mills as well. However, you need to be aware of future health-related issues which might happen if you buy these breeds from a local owner.

Why is the Golden Retriever the Best Breed?

  1. Golden retrievers can swim naturally and some exhibits are exceptions.
  2. You need to play or spend time with this dog since they feel lonely when left alone for a long time.

9. Pugs

Pugs: Dog Price List in India

This is one of the quietest breeds discussed so far in this review. If you are the first time owner, then pug can be the nicest choice. They are quite friendly as well as joyful.

These breeds require training but that is not at all hectic and cumbersome. You can make the dog listen to all the responses, train them properly, make them obey all the commands, etc. You will get some awesome varieties of dog food in the market.

Pugs Prices in India

You can purchase a dog easily in India with a slightly higher price range varying between 9000 to 16000 INR. So, it is always recommended to purchase these breeds from a recognized breeder.

Why is Pug the Best Breed?

  1. This breed is one of the friendliest breeds available out there.
  2. It is a cuddly breed that doesn’t require a lot of exercise and prefers to stay in a particular corner of the room.

10. Beagle

Beagle: Dog Price List in India

These dogs are playful loving dogs and always want to live in apartments or buildings. They resemble a unique mix of cuteness and attractiveness, originally meant for hunting purposes. However, its always advisable to buy these beagles from a certified owner.

Beagle Prices in India

The prices of Beagles in India vary based on the locations. In places like Delhi and Bangalore, the price will vary from 23000 to 28000.

Why is the Beagle the Best Breed?

  1. They are very good companions even outdoors as well.
  2. Beagles are amicable in nature.

11. German Shephard

German Shephard
German Shephard: Dog Price List in India

It is a large-sized breed that generally belongs to a group of working dogs. They are intelligent and versatile as well. This breed is quite protective and requires extensive training. The intelligence and the protective attitude makes it a very viable choice.

German Shephard Prices in India

As far as pricing is concerned, you can have a normal GSD at 3000 but for a high range one, the price varies from 5000 to 10000. Also, it totally depends on the city in which you stay. In the Delhi/NCR region, the price of this breed varies from 10,000 to 70,000 as well.

Why is the German Shepherd the Best Breed?

  1. They can be very gentle companions and family protectors as well.
  2. This is the perfect breed for active households.

12. English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel: Dog Price List in India

This is a cheerful fun-loving breed and loves to play with water. You will always get the alert once an intruder enters since they give you a signal instantly. They have charming and joyful personalities. These dogs have soft wavy coats and they need frequent brushing as well as grooming.

English Cocker Spaniel Prices in India

One can easily opt for this breed which varies within the range of 23,000 to 25,000. However, it is advisable to buy this breed from a trusted breeder rather than a local owner

Why is the English Cocker Spaniel the Best Breed?

  1. They are easy-going and beloved as well.
  2. You can easily train them.
  3. Their intelligence level is average and follows their owner.

13. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu: Dog Price List in India

This is a small-sized breed and is perfect for the other mates as well as the owner. They are not at all fierce in nature. This breed is loving, affectionate, caring, and loves to google around. Nowadays, they are trained properly to make them obedient.

Shih Tzu Prices in India

This dog breed is somewhat expensive with a price range varying between 2300 to 25000. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase these pups from trusted owners.

Why is Shih Tzu the Best Breed?

  1. It is a small, powerful as well as intelligent breed.
  2. They are a perfect alert watchdog and can be trained easily as well.

14. Pitbull

Pitbull: Dog Price List in India

It is one of the most common names in the Indian household with its origin from North America. These dogs are quite active inside the house or the place where they reside. You can easily take care of the smooth short-haired coat and they are average shedders.

Pitbull Prices in India

In India, one can purchase Pitbull at a price ranging from 9000 to 80,000 INR on the basis of the breed of the dog. The parameters of the breed include parentage and pedigree scrutiny. The purest forms of the breed have a high value.

Why is Pitbull the Best Breed?

  1. This breed is affectionate and intelligent.
  2. They are very active in most of the occasions and require proper training.

15. Dalmatian

Dalmatian: Dog Price List in India

This breed has well-developed canines and their demand in countries like India is quite high. The distinctive white coat bears a black spot which is really a unique feature.

Dalmatian Prices in India

Prices for the Dalmatian start at 20,000. However, the price can shoot up depending on the regions. The average price of this breed varies between 20,000 to 25,000.

Why is Dalmatian One of the Best Breeds?

  1. This is an athletic dog and a great charmer as well.
  2. is perfect for those dog owners who can devote additional time.

16. Maltese

Maltese: Dog Price List in India

Although it has a small size, Maltese gains significant importance as a courageous dog. It’s small, sturdy, with a compact, fine body. They are considered royal dogs.

Maltese Prices in India

The price of this breed varies in India ranging from 35000 to 120000 on the basis of the pedigree of the dog. If you are looking for a show quality, then the price of the dog will be at the higher end.

Why is Maltese the One of the Best Breeds?

  1. These dogs are quite energetic and can stay in apartments if proper exercise is done.
  2. This breed is charming and gentle.

17. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff: Dog Price List in India

This is very famous among pet lovers because of the high intellect level. If you love dogs with powerful canines and are protective towards your family, then Tibetan Mastiff can be the best chore for you. However, you need to put a lot of effort into training this breed.

Tibetan Mastiff Prices in India

You can find plenty of Tibetan Mastiffs in Delhi’s NCR region with the price range varying from 60,000-80,000. However, this value may shoot up to lakhs depending on the quality and the health condition. There is no such upper limit for the price of this breed.

Why is it One of the Best Breeds?

  1. This dog is perfect for kids and appears to be energetic as well.
  2. The Tibetan Mastiff gives alert signals when the intruders enter.

18. Husky

Husky: Dog Price List in India

The most notable feature of the husky is the perky ears and the distinctive marking. Wolf-like features are something that makes this breed very appealing. This breed is quite obedient and loves to play games with children.

Husky Prices in India

The cost of this breed is somewhat expensive and you can keep those in your home. You can buy Siberian Husky at a price of 43,000 to 45,000 and it is recommendable to buy these dogs from a trusted breeder.

Why is Husky the Best Breed?

  1. They are very intelligent.
  2. You can’t make them work but they love to roam around with you.

19. Akita Inu

Akita Inu
Akita Inu: Dog Price List in India

This is one of the famous Japanese breeds available and is a descendant of the Spitz family. It has good canine and comes with three variants with the overall quality of the canine.

Akita Inu Prices in India

The cost of this breed, Akita, is somewhat high in India since it is quite rare among Indians. Demand and popularity are on the flip side but it is quite famous in other countries. Certain parameters are there which influences the price of this dog which includes quality, color, and gender. The Puppy price of Akita varies from 40,000 to 55,000.

Why is Akita Inu the One of the Best Breeds?

  1. These dogs can really be good guards.
  2. Adaptability of this breed is very important and you can keep that breed in the apartment.

20. Samoyed

Samoyed: Dog Price List in India

This is one of the lovable dogs but you have to pay a lot of money to buy this. Depending on the type of breed, the length of the cost and the training will differ.

Samoyed Prices in India

There are various parameters on the basis of which you decide like gender and strength of the canine. The base range of the Samoyed Puppy varies from 50,000 to 65,000.

Why is Samoyed One of the Best Breeds?

  1. This is quite a friendly breed.
  2. Also, these dogs are quite affectionate.


This sums up the entire list of dogs with different price ranges. You need to go through this article from scratch to know every bit of it. So, pull up your socks and venture into the field of dogs. Dog lovers will surely find this article enticing and will love to read. However, if you have any suggestions, you can provide your feedback in the comment section.

Whiskas is basically a brand of cat food that was sold on a global scale and owned by American conglomerate Mars. It is sold in various forms that resemble meat-like pieces in cans, pouches, and dry biscuits. Most of the packaging is available in purple color and comes with a glossy appearance of the cat’s head.

The nutritional requirement of cats is quite different from the normal human being and it varies with age.

Therefore, it is essential to provide furry friend food for those products which will suffice the nutritional requirement and add flavor.

So, follow this article with rapt attention to know about Whiskas cat food in detail.

Things to See Before Buying Dry Cat Food (Whiskas Cat Food)

There is an abundance of cat food in the market. Also, since there are a plethora of options available like dry food, wet food, semi-moist food, etc, it will become much easier for you to feed the cat and also in much less time. Cats are carnivorous in nature and therefore, the protein forms an important part of their diet.

So if you are choosing food for your cat, then you must consider the dry cat food’s ingredient, protein, as well as fat content.

However, the wide array of foods available creates confusion on your mind, so it is essential to get in touch with the veterinarian.


As per the guidelines mentioned in the Association of American Feed Control Officials, if the food contains a particular type of ingredient, it is essential to possess 95% of the ingredient and this won’t include any added water.

If the combination of various essentials is advertised, then that combination must suffice almost 95 percent of the food. On the other hand, those foods whose name begins with a certain ingredient should come up with 3% of the ingredient.

Therefore, it is imperative to know the ingredients in cat food.

Nutritional Value

There are different types of grains used in various cat foods and many owners don’t want to feed their cat with such food, rather they look for a natural alternative.

Grains act as a major source of carbohydrate which acts as an energy source for cats. There is a thorough analysis that covers the packaging of the major foods that take into account the minimum amount of protein, and the maximum amount of fiber and fat.

Fat content is highly effective if that doesn’t produce any adverse effects. Else, if the cat is getting on extra weight then it is essential to find a solution for it.

If you don’t have the idea about various mixes, you can consult a veterinarian.

Protein Content

The amount of protein present in cat food is essential to find how healthy the diet will be for your cat. Those kittens who are below one year of age and are growing at a faster rate consume almost 30-40 percent of their energy from protein.

For the adult cats, those who are in between one to six years of age, a properly balanced diet comes with only 35-40% percent protein.

In the later stage of life, cats who are above seven years old live on foods having a much lower content of protein since there is a chance of getting kidney problems which may be due to a high protein diet.

Benefits of Dry Cat Food (Whiskas Cat Food)

There are a plethora of benefits if you go for dry cat food and it becomes quite convenient to measure, can easily feed, and store in the container as well.

Higher Energy Content

If the cat finds it quite problematic to maintain the condition or if she is a nursing mother where huge energy is consumed for the production of milk and getting difficult to consume that enough, the diet must contain dry food which seems to be a viable choice. This diet is recommended for the growth of kittens which makes sure that nursing mums are enjoying all the benefits.

Dry food comes with a higher energy content than sweet food. This is a major issue since cat doesn’t have the mechanism to control their intake of energy and being overweight helps many cats are unable to perform all this.

In cats, you will find a thin and picky appetite and this is most evident among some healthy cats.

Dental Benefits

There can be dental benefits for the cat from the consumption of dry foods on the basis of the food chosen. The benefits of the consumption of dry cat foods can be obtained in two ways.

While consuming dry foods, they are broken down into simpler forms through mechanical action.

In order to get access to this, the biscuit or the food content must be prepared to have the desired action.

There can be an addition of certain chemicals to the formulation that might demean the build-up of tartar on teeth.

However, there are only certain diets that are useful for kibble textures to resolve plaque. Even if that doesn’t happen it might not act well on all the tooth surfaces.


Dry food eases the work of the owner looking after the kitten or the cat. The food can easily be measured and can be kept in containers as well. This is owing to the fact that dry food has a low moisture content which is left for cats in order to graze.

There are many cats across the world who thrives on dry food and have a higher life span.

The intake of dry food helps in free feeding. There are certain cats who like to graze their food during the day time rather than at particular meal times. Dry food eases the convenience with food dispenser toys for the purpose of providing mental stimulation.

Also, cat feeding dry food enhances the water intake which in turn reduces the problem of urination.

Whiskas Cat Food Review 2020

There are various varieties of Whiskas Cat Food. Go through the subsequent sections to learn each and every detail.

1. Whiskas Junior Kitten (2-12 months) Dry Cat Food, Ocean Fish, 3kg Pack

Whiskas Junior Kitten (2-12 months) Dry Cat Food, Ocean Fish, 3kg Pack

This is nutrition that pet kittens require to maintain a healthy and well-maintained lifestyle. This is a kitten’s food that is meant for providing nutritional value and like vitamins and minerals meant for a healthy and proper life.

This dry cat food helps in the growth of the baby cats through healthy bones and body growth and maintaining a proper immune system and provides energy.Apart from this, Whiskas make sure the mealtime is filling properly or not.

Product Specification

  • It comes with a crunchy pack with some amazing flavor of fish and chicken.
  • This dry food contains superior ingredients that provide nutrition for pets.
  • It provides baby cats with sturdy bones, string immunity, as well as high energy.
  • A balanced cat diet reduces obesity when fed properly.
    This is recommended for cat breeds coming from British Shorthair to Siamese Cat.
  • There are almost 41 essential elements present in it that help in the growth of kittens.
  • It comes with a complete and balanced diet.
  • There come the various feasts of flakes meant for cats.
  • This is recommendable for breeds of all sorts.
  • The most important aspect is that you are getting premium quality material.
  • This product is somewhat costly.

2. Whiskas Junior Kitten (2-12 months) Dry Cat Food, Ocean Fish, 1.1kg Pack

Whiskas Junior Kitten (2-12 months) Dry Cat Food, Ocean Fish, 1.1kg Pack

To ensure that your cat is getting a proper diet with a good mix of calcium, protein, minerals, oxidants, etc, you need to go ahead with this package.

This pack of Whiskas food will help in the development of lean muscles along with strong bones as well.

Meals are prepared to cater to your cat’s natural feeding instincts. The presence of high moisture helps in maintaining a proper balance of water in the body of the cat and maintains a healthy urinary tract.

Product Specification

  • This product comes with a percent complete diet as well as a balanced diet.
  • Products are made of superior quality material.
  • There are no added flavors or preservatives inside the pack.
  • This Whiskas product comes with a good mix of vitamins as well as minerals.
  • The entire package is made of top quality materials making it highly delicious for your kitten.
  • For a kitten at the age of 2-4 months, you can try with 50-70 gm/day
  • This food is recommended to feed the kitten twice a day.
  • There is a blend of special nutrients that helps in the proper functioning of the cat’s vital system.
  • Through balanced cat food, you can provide the baby cat with a shiny coat and energy.
  • It comes with crunchy delicious chunks that come in various flavors like fish and chicken.
  • This balanced food for your cat helps in preventing obesity.
  • Omega 3, Omega 6, Fatty Acids, and Zinc present inside this helps in promoting health.
  • This food is dry and so you have to keep a separate bowl filled with water.

3. Whiskas Adult (+1 year) Dry Cat Food, Chicken , 1.2kg Pack

Whiskas Adult (+1 year) Dry Cat Food, Chicken Flavour, 1.2kg Pack

It’s a protein-rich product and comes in a 1.2 kg pack that helps in maintaining high protein food for your cats.

It is made of good quality natural extracts that are enriched in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that strengthen the glittering skin and shiny coat. This food also helps in the steady growth of bones, facilitates digestion, and promotes dental health as well.

It is enriched with a proper blend of proteins and vitamins, as well as minerals that keeps your kitten healthy with strong teeth, skin, as well as immunity.

Product Specification

  • This product is meant for 100% cat food and is recommendable for kittens age between 2-12 months.
  • The product available here doesn’t come up with artificial flavoring and preservatives.
  • It comes with an ocean flesh enriched with milk.
  • This package comes with 30% protein, 12% fat, 12% moisture, as well as 5% fiber content.
  • It is a dry cat food containing superior quality ingredients.
  • The recipes are made of superior quality ingredients which adds flavor to the taste.
  • This appears to be complete pet food for kittens.
  • It is a pure blend of vitamins as well as minerals.
  • The entire food is designed to meet the purpose of everyday nutritional requirements.
  • This product is somewhat expensive.

Conclusion: Whiskas Cat Food Dry

If you have not tried feeding dry cat food, then it’s high time to take care of your pets and nourish properly.

It is a great idea to go ahead with Whiskas food since it contains a good mix of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Each and every fine detail of Whiskas food is mentioned here in this informative content.

So, go through this blog once to get a clear idea. You need to maintain safety as well as providing quality food to your cat for a healthier life.

However, if you have any suggestions regarding this, provide your feedback in the comment box.

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Dog Food’?

A bone?

I knew it! By seeing the dogs’ love for a bone in uncountable movies has led us to believe that the whole food block of a dog resides in it.

But only the real dog owners know that dog food means the food that is suitable for dogs and not the food that dogs enjoy eating.

I’ll explain this with an example, we like to eat junk food but will that food be considered as the most appropriate type of food for us? Obviously not!

Dog food is the specifically manufactured food intended for consumption by dogs and other species whose eating habits match with them.

Dogs are listed among the omnivores but they usually incline towards carnivores. Omnivores are the animals which can eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, so a dog can eat both but it prefers non-vegetarian over vegetarian which explains the carnivore factor.

Dogs’ teeth are designed in a specific way that eating meat is much more suitable for them than eating vegetables. Chewing bone is a great exercise for dogs’ jaw and it also goes along with their ‘eating prey’ nature being a canine.

Now when it comes to feeding their dogs, people like to boast about how their dogs eat anything and everything. They make dog eating human food seem like the best thing that could happen to it when it is genuinely not.

On one hand, I refrain from saying that human food can be dangerous for dogs and you should absolutely abstain from feeding human food to your dog and on the other hand I feel that imparting the significance of providing your dog with dog food is necessary.

Types of Dog Food in India

There are various, let us just go through each of them quickly

1. Kibble

kibble: Dog Food in India

This is dry food for dogs. It is one of the most prominent types of dog food these days and the most affordable one. One of the reasons for the popularity of dog food is that it doesn’t get bad very fast. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, it lasts a really long time

We are a generation of the most patience-less and lazy humans who can’t go out to buy food, again and again, we prefer a one time go for a subtle amount of period, isn’t it? Also, the process of the food getting stale and throwing it out is just unnecessary work we have to tag along with us.

This is not the ideal type of “going an extra mile” for your dog, which is providing them with healthy, nutritious food. Reading ingredients of dry food is very important which we’ll discuss later.

For now, all that matters is that dry food is a great option for your dog, it is healthy, durable and wholesome.

2. Canned

Canned goods are the best types of food, or at least that is what I think. Dogs have a different type of love for canned food, irrespective of whether it’s dry or wet.

Most canned foods lack nutrition due to the presence of an enormous amount of water. While checking the levels of digestible protein in canned foods, we have to keep in mind to check the nutrition so that our dog doesn’t suffer because of it later.

Also, canned food is the most expensive type of food for your dog.

3. Semi Moist

The name defines it pretty much as the type of dog food that is partially dry and partially wet. It includes commercial dog food particularly shaped like burgers and pork chops.

It is even less nutritional than canned foods so it makes it the least nutritional food among all the rest of them. Dogs like this type of food as well, so it can be given to it as a treat on or a cheat day, pun intended. It should not be included in a dog’s daily diet else it will cause a lot of problems.

4. Home Cooking

hhome cooking:Dog Food in India

There is a very big difference between human food and a home-cooked meal for your dog. While human food can be problematic for your dog and lead to a lack of needed nutrition, home-cooked meals can be beneficial for your dog if made by using the right ingredients.

A home-cooked meal allows you to balance your nutrition levels as you have all the control over ingredients and quantities.

Feeding your dog a home-cooked meal is one of the best options and as you know the food requirements of your dog, it is the best for you.

But at the same time, it can be really time-consuming and it is generally not affordable, so it is not recommendable for the long run. You can pamper your dog with a perfectly balanced home-cooked meal on holidays but until and unless you work from home, it is not the most suitable alternative for you as it is for your dog.

If you cook a meal for your dog, research carefully about canine diets so that you don’t miss out on any important nutrient.

5. Raw

raw dog food: home cooking:Dog Food in India

As we talked about bones earlier, this will clear all the doubts in your mind. Bones come under raw food and as dogs eat raw bones, it becomes a great source of phosphorus and calcium. Do not feed cooked bones to your dog, in any condition.

Not only will cooking the bones empty the bones from its vital nutrients, but it can also be highly dangerous for dogs. Cooked bones splinter into shards that can cause choking and can damage the dog’s throat or internal parts of its body.

Bone is not the only food in a raw diet, all the types of raw meat come under it and as the dogs can easily digest raw meat because of strong stomach acids, raw meat can be appropriate for your dog.

It contains the necessary nutrients and is affordable, but remember to visit your dog’s vet before switching to a raw diet.

6. Grains

Any dog food containing grains should be avoided. Dogs resemble wolves in a lot of ways but the most important one is grain diets. Unlike wolves, dogs can digest grains, so that is not the problem.

If your dog can digest one type of food, that doesn’t mean its right for it. A lot of reports prove that by consuming a grain-free diet, dogs tend to have fewer diseases, allergies and obesity problems.

Keeping grains out of your dog’s food will turn out to be a good decision in the long run, so remember to keep this in mind.

Chemicals and added preservatives: Chemicals in food not only sounds bad, but it can result in having adverse effects on all living beings. When we talk about plants, we say pesticides are harmful to them when we talk about us, we know chemicals in our food will be dangerous, similarly added chemicals in your dog’s food is harmful.Corn
A lot of dog food manufacturers use corn to keep the cost low but it is not suitable for your dog to consume corn on a daily basis. You won’t notice the results in the beginning but once you keep corn in your dog’s meal on a regular basis, it will deteriorate its health.

7. Salt and Sugar

It will be too weird if you are hearing it for the first time but salt and sugar aren’t healthy for dogs.

Manufacturers add a huge amount of salt or sugar as they are a cheap source of preservatives so you have to keep an eye out for them. To sell their dog food, many people will try to hide the presence of salt and sugar by using alternative names for them.

For example, ‘malt’, ‘starch’ and many chemicals ending with ‘ose’ like glucose and fructose, are some of the alternative names for sugar.

Potassium chloride is the most popular alternative name for salt, sodium, and chemicals ending with ‘ate’ are also among them.

Dry Food or Wet Food, Which is More Recommendable?

We, humans, know how important it is to stay hydrated. We keep on setting our goals to drink this much water in a day and most of the time our efforts go in vain so we can think about how dogs go through it.

Every living being requires water and dogs don’t drink sufficient amount of water, so wet foods, being moist, solves this problem.
Wet foods are most suitable for dogs with a weak stomach, missing teeth or smaller mouths because they are easy to chew.

But wet foods can’t be used for long after opening them, dogs can create a mess with it and they are usually expensive.

On the other hand, dry foods are easy to use, affordable and can be stored for many days. Choosing between dry and wet food wholly depends on you and your dog.

If your dog already has a dental problem then wet food will not be considered as a viable option because it will heighten the dental problems.

So, until and unless your dog is ill or has a digestive/mouth problem, dry food(kibble) is the best choice.

Choosing a dog food brand is not an easy task, you have to go through many different aspects like ingredients and more so for your help we created a top dog food brands that are available in India so you don’t have to spent much time on finding out the best product for your dog.

How to Choose the Best Food Brand for Your Dog?

Every single thing depends on your dog. Anything that triggers your dog or your dog is allergic to should be strictly off the list. Before choosing the food brand, visit your dog’s vet or make a list of your dog’s characteristics.


This is the most important thing for your dog food brand. First of all, you have to master the study of reading ingredients. As we discussed salt and sugar, there are various ways how ingredients can be listed on the dog food brand.

When there are simple indications like “salmon dog food”, it becomes around 70% protein in the meal after including water. When ‘dinner’ is the prefix for an ingredient like “salmon dinner for dogs” then it contains 25% protein.

These were only a few examples, you have to research in a full-fledged manner to learn the art of it.
The first ingredient should be meat and only meat.

The first ingredient makes up the biggest proportion of the whole meal and the first 5 are the most vital ones. You should remember to check the number of grains, type of meat, chemicals, and added preservatives and nutrients before jumping to final dog food.

Top Dog Food Brands in India

Now, we’ll discuss the top dog food brands which will help you to come to a conclusion.

1. Pedigree

pedigree 1

This is one of the most famous dog foods ever. No matter if you are a dog owner or not, you must have heard this dog food’s name and many dog owners opt it because this is the only prominent dog food they know about.

It includes well balanced nutritional food recipes at the most affordable prices. Although it offers dog food for all ages, the calories chart for an adult dog is the most suitable one.

It has both dry and wet foods. The wed food category comes with an enormous amount of flavour for your dog’s palette. It has a separate nutritional recipe for puppies for developmental needs.

It adheres to the nutritional levels set by AAFCO, the only problem is that the first ingredient is corn which makes it both grain-including and opposite of the ingredient system.



It first came out in 1950s and specialises in dry dog food. It is a rather cheap alternative to dog food and its first ingredient is meat which makes it appalling.

It has different varieties for different age groups. It’s not a grain-free dog food as it includes corn, this is the reason why some pet parents are concerned before buying it.

For the people who are going through a tough budget, this is the best option.

3. Goodies


It’s a type of energy treat for your dog. Treats are important for your dog because eating the same thing every single day can be tiring but that doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy.

Treats can be a gift for your dog and at the same time, it can be a source of nutrition. Goodies dog treats are expensive but the most nutritionally balanced foods include calcium and vitamins.

It improves the teeth and bones of your dog. It is a bone-shaped treat and it’s ideal for dogs who suffer from meat allergies. It’s most appropriate for small breed dogs and it’s the best way of showing love to your dog.

4. Jer High


It is a Thailand-originated dog food brand that specializes in quality treats for adult dogs. It is easily available and offers a high-quality chicken meal for your dog.

It is an affordable dog food which is nutritionally balanced and rich in vitamins. The only con which can concern you is that it includes added preservatives.

5. Chip Chop

chip chop

It is the most readily available dog food brand in India and can be found on easily. It is a rather affordable dog food which offers fresh meat varieties. It adheres to the nutritional levels needed by dogs and offers many types of dog foods.

6. Smart Heart


It is among the cheap ones which complete the nutritional needs set by AAFCO. It offers nutrition-rich recipes including omega 3 fatty acids, omega 3 and 6 balanced meals, vitamins, calcium and phosphorus.

It is suitable for all breeds and one of the most balanced meals. Its biggest con is that it is not grain-free and the first ingredient is rice which can concern a lot of pet owners who try to maintain a grain-free diet for their dogs.

7. Scooby Cheww

Scooby Cheww

It is among the dog treats which are healthy and nutritious. It helps in maintaining clean teeth and healthy gums due to its unique design and chewy texture.

It is made in the USA. It’s gluten-free but it lacks in being grain-free.

It is one of the very few vegetarian dog foods, vegetarian dog foods aren’t suitable for all dogs so it is most appropriate for the dogs whose metabolism works better by consuming vegetarian food.

It’s a little more expensive than some other vegetarian brands but it has no added preservatives and absolutely no artificial ingredients. It is suitable for dogs of all sizes, it’s nutritionally well-balanced and it makes the fur of the dogs shinier.

8. Munchos


It specialises in adult dog food treats. It is another nutritionally sufficient treat and it comes under dry dog food. It offers highly digestible snacks for your dogs with nutritional benefits. It has quality ingredients, it is high in protein and low in fats which makes it among the best.

Some of its recipes have almost 70% protein and it is one of the most affordable dog snacks. It is easily available and offers recipes consisting of various types of meat.

9. Royal Canin

royal canin

This is the most popular brand in India as it is inexpensive and easily available. This is a grain recipe and also includes a form of corn.

Its main ingredient is rice and meat is 2nd ingredient in the list so it doesn’t cover every potential requirement but as we know one product cannot solve each and every problem so it is recommendable for dogs in India.

The ingredients in this meal are of great quality and products are available for each group.

10. Arden Grange

arden grange

It is a European dog food brand. It is readily available and has recipes from wet to dry foods. It is not very expensive but it contains fewer quantities of meat.

It includes grain but the main grain is rice which is far better than corn or wheat. Its nutritional value is high but it doesn’t include details about preservatives which can be dangerous.

11. Farmina’s N&D


It is cheap and is easily available in India. It has 20% of oats which is a healthy alternative to corn, it includes rice and has 60% fresh meat. It has 35% crude protein, which makes it the best dog food brand, nutrition-wise.

12. Drools Focus

Drools Focus

It is one of the best grain-free recipes for dog food available in India. It mainly focuses on a meal balanced diet, it includes a subtle amount of chicken and eggs which makes it protein-rich.

It has no added preservatives, no corn and not even wheat. It is available on  and is fairly recommended.

13. Nestle Purina

purnia super coat dog

It is one of the oldest dog food providers, almost 120 years old. It provides great food for dogs, it is rich in protein, omega fatty acids and vitamins.

It has a good amount of meat, antioxidants and minerals. It is easily available online and you can find it in pet shops as well.

Conclusion of Dog Food Brands in India

This is all for this article, guys. I tried my best to teach you all about dog food and recommendable brands. If you’ve read it alone, I hope this was helpful to you and now you won’t face any major problems while choosing a food brand for your dog.

When planning to own a cheerful and playful pet, cats are an excellent option to try. Some people think that it is impossible to own a cat as a pet. But this may not be the case for all pet lovers.

As cats are territorial, they are more attached to territory compared to humans. Fundamentally, they are quite different in many aspects when compared to dogs.

However, for the cat lovers, nothing seems to be more delightful than going back home to a furry little thing to cuddle. Fancying about cats and cuddling them is definitely delightful, but one has to be careful enough when choosing the cat breeds.

Before you finalize with the indian cat breeds, you can visit the nearby animal center to get some idea about the cats.With mostly positive attributes, it is often known that the cats have become the new dogs that most Indian households choose for petting.

Go through the characteristics, appearance and temperament to have a better idea about the different breeds. Choose the one that will be suitable for your house. When planning to have a cat as a pet, you can choose from the popular eight indian cat breeds given below.

08 Indian Cat Breeds with Pictures

1. Siamese Cat

siamese cat

The Siamese cat has its origin in Shanghai, it is known to be among the first and most famous among the Asian cat breeds. Among its unique features, it has almond-shaped blue eyes, large-sized ears, small oval-shaped paws, and triangle-shaped head with slim legs.

Slender legs are one such feature that distinguishes this breed from others. With a creamy brown colored furry coat, it seeks human attention.

If not given so, they start to feel low and often cry. It has an excellent quality to gel up with other breeds, which is evidence of its friendly nature. It is one of the most commonly seen breeds in South East Asia.

2. Bombay Cat

bombay cat

The other name of Bombay Cat is a mini panther, and it is named so because of its color combination. Initially, it was a crossbreed of America and Burmese. However, it has been given the name to categorize it among Asian cats. This breed of cat grows short hair, with a black nose and coat and black soles.

Also, it has green or copper-colored eyes. These are friendly ones, which love to play and quick to learn new tricks. With their smart learning capacity, they can be quickly taught how to walk carefully on a leash.

Even when it comes to adapting to new surroundings, these cats are quick at doing it. In appearance, the cats have round heads and muscular build.

3. Himalayan Cat

himalayan cat

It is among the most popular cat breeds and some of its popular names are Himmie, Persian and Colourpaint. Usually, these cats are white with a long furry and fluffy coated tail. Other than this, the cats are red, brown, and creamin color. It has color points on the face, ears, tail and legs which are common for this breed.

With beautiful eyes, they are medium to large in size. Among its attributes, it is loving and loyal towards its master. They also crave human closeness. Instead of playing around in the open area, it loves to spend time on its owner’s lap. Therefore, it is not correct to consider them to be very athletic.

Given the fact that this breed came across by the Siamese and Persian breed, it bears some similarities with both, except for its blue eyes.

All these attributes make the breed among the preferred cats in India. It is further known that during the 1950s, the British and American breeders were interested in a growing Himalayan breed of the cat.

4. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Considered among the oldest Indian cat breeds, it is also the largest domesticated cat. The name is given after the famous official state cat in Maine in North America. Its friendly nature and pleasant nature make them popular among cat lovers.

With a thick furry coating on its body and around the eyes, it looks beautiful. Adding to this, the large eyes of the cat are cute to look at. For cat lovers, Maine Coon is among the cutest ones to have as pets.

It has a large body with tufted feet and the bushy tail gives it a prominent appearance with calmness. It gels up well with fellow cats and human beings and thus, it is suitable to consider this breed for petting.

5. American Bobtail

American Bobtail

This cat breed is common for its bobtail. With medium to large body size, these are usually rectangular. With their muscular and athletic appearance, they are heavy and are available in different patterns and colors. The tail is one of the unique features which is flexible and takes only one-third of its body length.

It is among the most loving pets and intelligent pets to keep them at home. It has the capability to create a strong bond with its master and interact in a friendly way. With a keen interest in playing different games, they find great fun in playing hide and seek or fetching something.

This is among the happiest breeds that are easily trained on a leash. Also, it is smart enough to play games like puzzles, games and others.

6. Spotted Cat or Indian Billi

spotted cat

The spotted cats go by their name and have an unusual beauty. People prefer them mostly for their appearance. Another reason to choose them as a pet is that they can easily adapt to the Indian weather and climatic changes.

This is one of the reasons due to which it is often known as Indian Billi.As per historical records, it originated in Sri Lanka and India, it is shy and affectionate.

These are among the wild ones, and so, they avoid human contact. They have grey spots all over their body with dark skin compared to the body color as per appearance.

The tail is so long that it almost touches the shoulder. You will slowly realize that it may be difficult for spotted cats to trust you quickly, even when you are friendly and loving with them.

7. Persian Cat

Persian cats

With its popularity in the USA and France, the other name of this breed is Persian longhair and Iranian.They are known among the beautiful cat breeds. With its origin in Iran, these are lazy and happy relaxing kind of nature. Though they are prone to biting, they often consider this act as part of their play.

With longing for attention, it tries to get some with its little fussy. It requires regular grooming that can keep it from biting and other activities when playing with it. In its appearance, it has a round face with twinkling eyes and long white hair.

Being among the top breeds of cats, celebrities often prefer petting this one. When worrying as you have a small living space, this breed is the safest option to try.

8. Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat

The Singapura Cat has another funny name: forever kitten. It is so because even after growing old in its age, it remains in the same playful habit and size only varies from 4 to 8 pounds. It has a low tone of voice and a loving nature to spend time on the owner’s lap.

However, it is among the preferred ones for its small and cute size. With a sepia tone of coat, it looks like a 19th century cat. Its prominent characteristics are playfulness, kid friendly, intelligent, affectionate towards family, friendly even with strangers, and easy to groom when done correctly.

Wrapping it Up

When looking for the correct option to choose as pets, try to go by the ones that can adapt better with the weather conditions in India. With the information given above, it shall help you choose one of your choices. Cats are among the low-maintenance pets that require less time commitment.

However, before you get the cats, try to know about its life expectancy. Normally, Indian cats live from 12 to 18 years and sometimes up to 20 years.

They slowly develop a bond with the owners and reveal their great loyalty. They are often very choosy about the person that wants to love and show affection. Along with this, try to grasp some knowledge about how to feed your cat. When undecided, try to contact an expert veterinarian for suitable guidance and feed them correctly.

Incorrect feeding can result in negative results, and it can hamper the correct growth of your pet. So, to maintain proper grooming and feeding, try to know about every aspect of the breed that you choose to pet for appropriate results.

I hope this indian cat breeds with pictures article give you a proper information about cat breeds. so if you like it then share with your friends on social media and which one you are going to adopt tell me in the comment section.

In this post i will explain 8 amazing ways to exercise with your dog because your dog needs exercise just like you, being overweight or stout regardless of whether it’s you or your pet can prompt coronary illness, diabetes, joint pain, and even malignant growth. Before you practice with your canine, converse with his veterinarian.

Certain activities, for example, running or in any event, running, are not suggested for little dogs whose bones haven’t completed the process of developing and for some short-legged and short-nosed breeds. Short-legged mutts don’t require as much strolling as bigger canines, and level nosed pooches can experience difficulty regaining some composure.

Your Dog needs exercise just like you, being overweight or stout regardless of whether it’s you or your pet can prompt coronary illness, diabetes, joint pain, and even malignant growth. Before you practice with your canine, converse with his veterinarian.

Certain activities, for example, running or in any event, running, are not suggested for little dogs whose bones haven’t completed the process of developing and for some short-legged and short-nosed breeds. Short-legged mutts don’t require as much strolling as bigger canines, and level nosed pooches can experience difficulty regaining some composure.

8 Amazing Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

Take a Hike

1. Take a Hike

All things considered, a climb is a good thought, however in the event that you are not used to strenuous exercise, start with a walk, and work from that point.

A large number of us are in a rush. In the event that you are running late in the mornings, attempt to get up slightly early if conceivable. You can go for a brief stroll with your canine.

In the event that your timetable permits it, attempt to get in three strolls per day and make one at any rate of 20 minutes.

Cut Back on the Treats

2. Cut Back on the Treats

Rather than compensating your pooch with treats, give him consideration. Mutts love cooperating. On the off chance that you need to give your pooch a treat, break it down the middle and set the other half aside for one more day.

The same goes for treats for you to eat half today and the other half tomorrow. Along these lines, you won’t feel denied.

Dog Park Strolls

3. Dog Park Strolls

On the off chance of that conceivable stroll to the pooch park. When you arrive, hurl the ball around with your canine. Both of you will get some activity.

Jog or a Run

4. Jog or a Run

Discover a track that invites canines and ensures you are open to running shoes. That is all you require for this cardio exercise. Bring a water bottle and foldable bowl so you and your pooch can rehydrate.

Tug of War

5. Tug of War

Play a round of back-and-forth with your pooch. It can help manufacture the quality of your chest area quality and your canine will appreciate investing energy playing with you.

Playing Catch

6. Playing Catch

Regardless of whether it’s a ball, a Frisbee, or his preferred toy, head outside and play a round of catch.

On Rainy Days

7. On Rainy Days

On the off chance that you have stairs in your high rise or in your home, go here and there a couple of flights (make sure to begin moderately).

On the off chance that you have a treadmill in your home, you and your canine can utilize that as well.

dog yoga

8. Exercise Class

You and your pooch can take nimbleness classes or even “doga,” a type of yoga intended for both of you.

Every energetic being needs some or the other type of exercise, to stay healthy and fit. Follow any of these and make sure you stay active