12 Best Dog Breeds in India with Images

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To all budding pet lovers, dogs appear to be the most faithful and intelligent. They show huge respect and love towards their owner. Hailed by many as our best friend in the me-time or the leisure hours and considered to be man’s best friend. To learn more about the most popular dog breeds in India, give this article a thorough read from scratch.

Available Best Dog Breeds in India

If you are looking for the best dog breeds here in the Indian subcontinent, then it’s difficult to find at the initial stage. However, we have narrowed down your research through a meaningful list.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador-Retriever Dog breeds in india
Labrador Retriever: Best Dog Breeds in India

Labrador Retriever is one of the most friendly pals who can reside with your family. They maintain a very stable connection with neighboring dogs and human beings happen to be their darling. Labrador complexions vary and are available in black, yellow, and luscious chocolate colors.

The height of this breed ranges from 22.5 to 24 inches and the life span is between 10-12 years. They bear a very friendly and active relationship and always want to go outside for fun.

Unique Attributes of Labrador Retriever

  • In order to feed this breed, it is essential to have a superior food containing various nutritional aspects. They are quite likely to become obese.
  • Labradors came up with water-resistant double coarse skin which needs to be groomed occasionally.
  • These breeds are not rigid and quite enthusiastic. So, it is essential to make them perform various exercises per day.
  • Moreover, they are quite obedient as well.

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dog Breeds in India
German Shepherd: Dog Breeds in India

German Shepherd is one of the most common breeds in the entire kingdom of dogs who appears to be quite curious as well as loyal.

They can go against all odds to safeguard their family making them one of the strongest housekeeping dogs in the world. Since this breed always remains active all day long, GSD requires a certain amount of physical activity on a daily basis.

The average height of this breed varies within the range of 24-26 inches and weight of the dog varies within the range of 55-75 pounds. The life expectancy of this breed varies within the range of 9-13 years.

Unique Attributes of German Shepherd

  • The puppies used to develop at a faster rate and always thrive on the diet which is enriched with protein.
  • German Shepherds shed at a tremendous rate and they are equipped with thick double coats which mainly need brushing as well as grooming.
  • These breeds are quite intelligent and they can master several tricks with a certain interval of reputation.

Small Dog Breeds in India

Bringing a cutest member in your home is always an overwhelming experience and happiness knows no bounds when the sweet, cute member is a puppy. However,they add more value other than their innocent cute look.

3. Beagle

Beagle Dog Breeds in India
Beagle: Small Dog Breeds in India

Beagles are the most active, friendly pal and are ideal for kids since they always seek gentle and fun-loving company. They come with an amazing power of smell and tend to follow the smell to find out the person.

They are so sensitive that they can chase rats, butterflies, or other dogs. Moreover, they increase the aesthetic value of the place with their gorgeous outlook like red, lemon, white, etc.

Unique Attributes of Beagle

  • This pet is quite adorable having long ears masking this breed which is quite popular among pet owners.
  • Bark of the Beagle is not that soft like the small dogs.
  • Because of the small size.most of the owners prefer to keep this breed in their apartments.

4. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Dog Breeds in India
Shih Tzu: Small Dog Breeds in India

These are adorable, happy, outgoing house dogs who always like to work with their family members around.

They easily get fit inside the apartments and for the owners who are using it for the first time. They are quite affectionate by nature as well.

Unique Attributes of Shih Tzu

  • This breed is well used to the cooler temperature.
  • They not only show their love to the family but also to other pets residing there.
  • This dog is unable to withstand bad behavior.

The Most Popular Dog Breeds in India

5. Pugs

pug Dog Breeds in India
Pugs: Popular Dog Breeds in India

This is one of the best varieties available in India and dog lovers love to giggle around with this cute dog. It is perfect for those who are staying in small households and apartments.

Although the pugs shed, the hair fall seems to be quite low making the dogs quite easy for maintenance. They do not always bark until they find themselves stuck under mud.

You need to take care of their nails on a regular basis since long nails can create certain sorts of problems. They are available in colors like Apricot, Silver, or Black.

Unique Attributes of Pugs

  • They thrive on homemade as well as manufactured foods since healthy calories form an important part of their diet.
  • Since Pugs are not that exposed to obesity, their diet contains little amount of fat.
  • Pugs appear to be quite adaptive since they like enjoying themselves outside or having some good time with their owner indoors.

6. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Dog Breeds in India
Golden Retriever: Popular Dog Breeds in India

This breed is quite popular since these parts are quite friendly,and gets mixed with people easily.

They appear to be very intelligent as well as well trained. These appear to be perfect watchdogs owing to their strong attitude, sober appearance, and medium-size.

Moreover, these breeds are equipped with waterproof coats covered with straight or wavy coats that need proper grooming. This dog is available in both golden as well as cream colors.

Unique Attributes of Golden Retriever

  1. This breed requires top quality either prepared at home or brought from any store. However, these breeds suffer from obesity as per the trend and because of this it is important to have a proper intake of calories.
  2. Golden retrievers start to shed their thick, water protective coats maybe in one or two years.
  3. This breed is quite faithful and is always at the beck and call of the owner.
  4. For this breed to develop properly, it is important to have puppy training classes.

7. Great Dane

Great Dane Dog Breeds in India
Great Dane: Dog Breeds in India

The Great Dane is an obedient breed and you can train this easily owing to the high intelligence level. It is more or less friendly and wants to play around with people as well as other dogs.

This dog is available in colors such as a mantle, harlequin, brindle, etc. The weight of the dogs varies within the range of 110 to 175 pounds.

Unique Attributes of Great Dane

  • Great Danes are fed superior quality dog food as per the age of the dog.
  • This breed requires small meals at a regular interval.
  • Because of the consumption of multiple meals, they refrained from rigorous workouts during mealtimes.
  • The short smooth coat doesn’t shed easily. However, during this period of shedding, hair loss seems to proliferate and daily combing seems to be a need.
  • For breeds as powerful as the Great Dane, training to make it obedient seems to be a must.
  • Long nails of this breed must be trimmed on a regular basis.
  • Moreover, early socialization as well as puppy training is also recommended.

Cute Dog Breeds in India

Dogs can be a loving cutie when you come back from the workplace during the evening. They will jump and will try to greet you in every possible way. To remove your boredom,they try to play a certain role to create charm and happiness on your face.

8. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier dog breeds in india
Jack Russell Terrier: Cute Dog Breeds in India

The breed is also known as the Parsons Russell Terrier and its origin in England dates back to 200years and was meant for hunting foxes.

They are referred to as the friendly smart dogs and loving attitude towards their owners and they need a well equipped powerful trainer for proper training. However, the cuteness of this dog outstands all the negative aspects.

Unique Attributes of Jack Russell Terrier

  • The weight of this breed varies within the range of 5 to 8kgs.
  • They are covered with a white coat along with certain brown marks. However, they are quite popular owing to the square face along with a tender,glossy appearance.
  • They are quite fast and leave the big dog behind.

9. Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz
Indian Spitz: Cute Dog Breeds in India

This is a cute little dog having its origin from Pomeranian ancestors. They were recognized as an isolated breed in the year 1970.

The height of this breed varies within the range of 8 to 18 inches and the weight lies within the range of 5 t0 20 kgs.

It appears to be a very arduous task to import dogs during the mid-1990s, Spitz and GSD seem to occupy a very strong presence.

However, in spite of having long fur, the decades of breeding in India makes it quite suitable for them to adjust to warm Indian climates.

Unique Attributes to Indian Spitz

  • They are well accustomed to reside in small apartments as well as large buildings.
  • These breeds are quite friendly as well as intelligent.
  • They are available in three coats namely brown, black, and white.
  • The cute face makes them quite accustomed to Indian nuclear families.

Dog Breeds Banned in India

There are certain varieties of oi breeds that originate in various parts of India. But because of the vulnerability and the weather conditions, those dogs are banned in India. So, if you go through the undermentioned list thoroughly, you will get to know every bit of it.

10. Indigenous Himalayan Mastiff

Indigenous Himalayan Mastiff
Indigenous Himalayan Mastiff: Dog Breeds Banned in India

This breed resides in the Himalayan region along with various Tibetan mastiffs. They are quite calm and composed and always likes to please his master and the family members.

But making them reside in the hot climate of India is quite difficult. However, they can behave rudely if something doesn’t go well. There are only a few species left and they are known as endangered ones.

11. Alangu Mastiffs

These are strong ones usually kept for guarding your house since they are quite sensitive and tend to act quickly because of their sharp instincts.

They are also termed as Sindh Mastiff as they originated from the Bhawanipur area of Punjab.

Currently, they are only available in two districts of South India. This breed is quite aggressive but very loyal to the owners.

12. Combai or Kombai Dog

This is a powerful breed residing in Southern Parts of India like Tamil Nadu. It is quite a sturdy dog and is meant for hunting deer, bison, etc. These dogs are quite active but they are very protective to their owners.

Get your Hands With the Best Breeds

So, if you are searching for the most popular Dog breeds in India, then this article will guide you through. You will understand every point if you read this article.

Each and every detail is formulated in a fashion so that the reader can understand.

However, we always seek suggestions and opinions. We have also given an overview of the banned dogs in India. So, purchase the best breed as per your choice. If you feel like we have missed out on certain points, you can provide those in the comment section.

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