11 Top Dog Food Brands in India

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Choosing a dog food brand is not an easy task, you have to go through many different aspects like ingredients and more so for your help we created a top dog food brands that are available in India so you don’t have to spent much time on finding out the best product for your dog.

How to Choose the Best Food Brand for Your Dog?

Every single thing depends on your dog. Anything that triggers your dog or your dog is allergic to should be strictly off the list. Before choosing the food brand, visit your dog’s vet or make a list of your dog’s characteristics.


This is the most important thing for your dog food brand. First of all, you have to master the study of reading ingredients. As we discussed salt and sugar, there are various ways how ingredients can be listed on the dog food brand.

When there are simple indications like “salmon dog food”, it becomes around 70% protein in the meal after including water. When ‘dinner’ is the prefix for an ingredient like “salmon dinner for dogs” then it contains 25% protein.

These were only a few examples, you have to research in a full-fledged manner to learn the art of it.
The first ingredient should be meat and only meat.

The first ingredient makes up the biggest proportion of the whole meal and the first 5 are the most vital ones. You should remember to check the number of grains, type of meat, chemicals, and added preservatives and nutrients before jumping to final dog food.

Top Dog Food Brands in India

Now, we’ll discuss the top dog food brands which will help you to come to a conclusion.

1. Pedigree

pedigree 1

This is one of the most famous dog foods ever. No matter if you are a dog owner or not, you must have heard this dog food’s name and many dog owners opt it because this is the only prominent dog food they know about.

It includes well balanced nutritional food recipes at the most affordable prices. Although it offers dog food for all ages, the calories chart for an adult dog is the most suitable one.

It has both dry and wet foods. The wed food category comes with an enormous amount of flavour for your dog’s palette. It has a separate nutritional recipe for puppies for developmental needs.

It adheres to the nutritional levels set by AAFCO, the only problem is that the first ingredient is corn which makes it both grain-including and opposite of the ingredient system.



It first came out in 1950s and specialises in dry dog food. It is a rather cheap alternative to dog food and its first ingredient is meat which makes it appalling.

It has different varieties for different age groups. It’s not a grain-free dog food as it includes corn, this is the reason why some pet parents are concerned before buying it.

For the people who are going through a tough budget, this is the best option.

3. Goodies


It’s a type of energy treat for your dog. Treats are important for your dog because eating the same thing every single day can be tiring but that doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy.

Treats can be a gift for your dog and at the same time, it can be a source of nutrition. Goodies dog treats are expensive but the most nutritionally balanced foods include calcium and vitamins.

It improves the teeth and bones of your dog. It is a bone-shaped treat and it’s ideal for dogs who suffer from meat allergies. It’s most appropriate for small breed dogs and it’s the best way of showing love to your dog.

4. Jer High


It is a Thailand-originated dog food brand that specializes in quality treats for adult dogs. It is easily available and offers a high-quality chicken meal for your dog.

It is an affordable dog food which is nutritionally balanced and rich in vitamins. The only con which can concern you is that it includes added preservatives.

5. Chip Chop

chip chop

It is the most readily available dog food brand in India and can be found on easily. It is a rather affordable dog food which offers fresh meat varieties. It adheres to the nutritional levels needed by dogs and offers many types of dog foods.

6. Smart Heart


It is among the cheap ones which complete the nutritional needs set by AAFCO. It offers nutrition-rich recipes including omega 3 fatty acids, omega 3 and 6 balanced meals, vitamins, calcium and phosphorus.

It is suitable for all breeds and one of the most balanced meals. Its biggest con is that it is not grain-free and the first ingredient is rice which can concern a lot of pet owners who try to maintain a grain-free diet for their dogs.

7. Scooby Cheww

Scooby Cheww

It is among the dog treats which are healthy and nutritious. It helps in maintaining clean teeth and healthy gums due to its unique design and chewy texture.

It is made in the USA. It’s gluten-free but it lacks in being grain-free.

It is one of the very few vegetarian dog foods, vegetarian dog foods aren’t suitable for all dogs so it is most appropriate for the dogs whose metabolism works better by consuming vegetarian food.

It’s a little more expensive than some other vegetarian brands but it has no added preservatives and absolutely no artificial ingredients. It is suitable for dogs of all sizes, it’s nutritionally well-balanced and it makes the fur of the dogs shinier.

8. Munchos


It specialises in adult dog food treats. It is another nutritionally sufficient treat and it comes under dry dog food. It offers highly digestible snacks for your dogs with nutritional benefits. It has quality ingredients, it is high in protein and low in fats which makes it among the best.

Some of its recipes have almost 70% protein and it is one of the most affordable dog snacks. It is easily available and offers recipes consisting of various types of meat.

9. Royal Canin

royal canin

This is the most popular brand in India as it is inexpensive and easily available. This is a grain recipe and also includes a form of corn.

Its main ingredient is rice and meat is 2nd ingredient in the list so it doesn’t cover every potential requirement but as we know one product cannot solve each and every problem so it is recommendable for dogs in India.

The ingredients in this meal are of great quality and products are available for each group.

10. Arden Grange

arden grange

It is a European dog food brand. It is readily available and has recipes from wet to dry foods. It is not very expensive but it contains fewer quantities of meat.

It includes grain but the main grain is rice which is far better than corn or wheat. Its nutritional value is high but it doesn’t include details about preservatives which can be dangerous.

11. Farmina’s N&D


It is cheap and is easily available in India. It has 20% of oats which is a healthy alternative to corn, it includes rice and has 60% fresh meat. It has 35% crude protein, which makes it the best dog food brand, nutrition-wise.

12. Drools Focus

Drools Focus

It is one of the best grain-free recipes for dog food available in India. It mainly focuses on a meal balanced diet, it includes a subtle amount of chicken and eggs which makes it protein-rich.

It has no added preservatives, no corn and not even wheat. It is available on  and is fairly recommended.

13. Nestle Purina

purnia super coat dog

It is one of the oldest dog food providers, almost 120 years old. It provides great food for dogs, it is rich in protein, omega fatty acids and vitamins.

It has a good amount of meat, antioxidants and minerals. It is easily available online and you can find it in pet shops as well.

Conclusion of Dog Food Brands in India

This is all for this article, guys. I tried my best to teach you all about dog food and recommendable brands. If you’ve read it alone, I hope this was helpful to you and now you won’t face any major problems while choosing a food brand for your dog.

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