21 Surprising Facts About Dogs for All Dog Lovers

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If you are looking for surprising facts about dog lovers then this article is for you. I have shared some amazing facts that every dog lover/owner wants to know.

Owning a dog is a delightful experience, but raising a dog requires much more than just feeding and playing with it. Owners of dogs sometimes wonder if the dogs can feel?

Do they have emotions?

Let’s take an example. When you are back home, your dog comes to you with great alacrity by wagging her tails. It makes you contemplate, “Oh! She is so happy to see me, and she loves me also”.

This moment let’s you connect yourself with your dog emotionally.

So, being an owner of a dog, makes it necessary for you to glean a substantial knowledge about dogs, for instance, what makes them angry and how sensitive they are, how to keep them physically healthy, how to feed them, train them and above all these, how to create a strong bond with your pet?

21 Facts Every Dog Lover/ Dog Owner Must Know


Here, a guide is provided regarding 21 facts that all dog lovers and dog owners should know to make them better informed.

1. Dogs Do Have Emotions

A lot of research around the world has shown that dogs experience the same chemical changes that a human does at the time of emotional temperament. Dogs do also have hormones, like oxytocin.

The presence of this hormone in humans is associated with the feeling of affection and love for others.

If you are thinking about the takeaways from the above-mentioned fact, yes, you need to spend a good amount of time from your daily schedule to quench the thirst that your dog wants in the form of your attention.

Spending more time with your dog will enable you to bridge the gap between your pet and you and draw you closer to it emotionally and affectionately. So, to cut the long story short, to be loved by your dog, you need to love it first.

2. Your Home Needs to Be Pet Proof

As dogs are very much playful and curious, a usual home arrangement may prove fatal for your dog in many ways, and it can also lead you to much trouble.

If you have a dog in your home, or maybe you are planning to bring one, make sure you follow the steps below to avoid difficulties.

  • Always try to use shelves and cabinets that are out of your dog’s reach and try to keep medicines, toys, plastics, and chemicals in those shelves.
  • Dogs have a very sharp sense of smell. So, always secure the trash in your home. Otherwise, they will turn your home into a mess.
  • Install a gate and keep him behind the bars when you are busy doing some work like cleaning, painting, or anything that requires concentration and tranquility. But, don’t keep it there for more than 1 and a half hours.
  • Dogs have a strong inclination to chew wires. So, you should watch for wires in your home and try to manage the wire in a place unattainable to your dog.

3. The Presence of Dogs Can Relieve Stress

Often you consider incorporating yoga and meditation in your life to get rid of the work stress in your life. How about getting a companion who can naturally relieve your stress! Yes, you heard it right. The companion is no one but a dog.

Owner of a dog enjoys umpteen health benefits, for instance, it can enhance your mood when you are upset, it helps in lowering your blood pressure, it can also provide you social support.

With a dog comes unconditional love. You may be surprised to hear that dog kisses can improve your health as it has certain microbes and probiotics which have a positive effect on human health.

4. Start to Train it Early

Anything that starts early has numerous benefits. The same applies to the training of your dog. Do not wait until your dog is seven months old to train him how to sit, walk, jump, and eat.

If your dog reaches its adolescent period, it may be difficult for you to change its bad habits at that time. Starting early would eliminate that possibility.

5. Use Voice Command to Train Your Dog

Though it is difficult to train your dogs through voice command at the beginning and time consuming, it is the perfect method as shown by an Italian study that dogs respond to voice commands with 90% accuracy.

Resorting to using sticks to train him or her to obey orders could end up making your dog stubborn and defensive.

6. Socialization is Important

The biggest mistake that most dog owners make is to not teach their dogs the boundaries, rules, and limitations, that is in a word how to be socialized.

Socialization is how to be polite and act according to the rules. So, you must try your young puppy getting accustomed to the socialization process by making them interact with other people, places, and animals so that they become aware of the rules in a situation.

7. Keep Your Pet Well Nourished

Feeding your food to your pet from your table may preferably be avoided and try to give him or her a well-nourished pet food that is specifically designed for his breed.

For example, providing them with omega 6 rich foods will make his fur strong. If your dog is not sleeping properly, then the reason may be wet weather.

In that case, antioxidant-rich foods can help his immune system to deal with the situation.

8. Regular Health Checkup

Owning a dog brings a lot of responsibilities. Dogs may experience different health problems, but lacking speech they may not be able to express it properly.

So, as a responsible owner, you should make regular visits to a veterinarian, and a periodical health check-up of your pet is necessary to keep him healthy and happy.

As veterinarians are experts in dealing with animals, any decision regarding your pet should be made in compliance with the advice of the vet.

9. Exercise is a Must

Regular exercise constitutes a vital part of keeping your dog healthy and fit. Keep in mind that dogs are dependent on you, and until you take them out to have a walk, they can’t be able to sense the smell, sight, and sounds of the world.

Moreover, you must know how fresh air and sunshine are important for all of us and apply them to your dogs too. Sunshine is a source of vitamin D which helps in bone development and growth.

Dogs love rewards. So, all exercise and no rewards will make them unenthusiastic.

Think of yourself, how about a day with all study and no movies, cycling, or Netflix? I hope you have understood the demand of your dog. Only a chocolate bar would suffice.

10. Dogs Can Make Your Child a Better Human Being

Do you know that a dog’s close vicinity of a dog at the time of growing up of your children could make them a more responsible citizen?

Yes, it has been proved that the emotional state of mind and understanding of life is much more mature in those children who grow up with pets, especially dogs than other kids, and they possess a robust immune system also.

11. They Can Think and Contemplate

The mind of the dogs operates 85% by instincts and 15% by the knowledge they gain over the years.

There is a very popular story of a German Shepherd who used to kill rabbits and took those dead rabbits to the owner’s home.

One day, the owner reprimanded him, and from the next day instead of taking the dead rabbits inside the room, the dog buried them outside. Isn’t it a nice story to infer that dogs can contemplate too?

12. They Suffer from Separation Anxiety

As it is already mentioned, dogs do have emotions, and from that emerges separation anxiety.

Being the owner of the dog, if you don’t come in contact with your pet for a long time, they feel this anxiety, which leads them to renunciate their food, bath, and unable to lead their normal life.

This mostly happens when your children, who have built a strong bond with the pet over the years, go abroad for a job or to study.

13. A Tiny Effort Can Also Make Your Dog Happy

Dogs help us to realize how preoccupied our minds are with material objects and how to appreciate everything, doesn’t matter how trivial it is, in our life.

They remain happy with everything you do for them, and they appreciate every minute you spend with him or her.

They teach us the philosophy that enjoys the tiniest moment of your life, and in the future, when you retrospect, you will realize those were the best and precious moments of your life.

14. They Love Music Too

It has been already mentioned that while adopting a dog, you should make your pet-proof. But, that doesn’t suffice as you have to make it pet-friendly too.

A study suggests that heavy metal music suddenly turns dogs agitated, and they start to bark, whereas classical music seemed to generate a calming effect. So, try to play such music that would please your dogs as they love music too!

15. They have Cognitive Skills Which are Secrets

There are so many videos on YouTube that show that the dog owners intentionally faint to see the reaction of their pet. Have you seen the reaction of the dogs?

Nothing in this world can touch your heart more than those scenes. They feel abandoned, anxious, and they keep poking the owner trying their utmost to retrieve and rescue her.

Yes, dogs have intelligence and try to use that intelligence intelligently.

16. Dogs Care For Their Owners

If you are a dog lover, you should immediately watch a movie called ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’, where a dog, named Akita is so loyal to his owner that he used to wait for his owner every day in a railway station.

One day suddenly his owner died, and Akita continued his daily waiting for nine years till his death.

You will be surprised to know that the movie is based on a true story. That is how every dog cares for his or her owner. You should keep your commitments too.

17. They are Very Sensitive to Weather Change

Being an owner you must have noticed the mood swing of your pet according to the weather change, and that is because they are very sensitive to the environment.

Brachycephalic breeds have trouble breathing in hot weather, so leaving your dogs in your car during summer for a while could kill your pet.

18. Signs That Suggest Your Dog Is Sick

Dogs may be super-expressive. But what they lack is speeches to communicate with us. Pay great heed to the sudden behavioral changes of your dog. These signs may hint that your dog is seriously ill.

  • Bad breath
  • Excessive urination
  • Change in appetite
  • Increased sleeping hours
  • A lackadaisical approach to activities
  • Dry and red eyes with digestive upsets

19. Be Careful in Choosing the Perfect Dog Collar

Do you know that in Ancient times Greeks fashioned the spike collars to tie them around dogs’ neck to prevent them from wolf’s attack?

But, hopefully, as you don’t have a wolf in your house, you may take an extra bit of care while choosing the perfect band for your dog as a one-size-fits-all approach might not work for your dog. And, do you want to be a smart dog owner? Why not try an e-collar?

20. Remember That You Have a Pet While Going Shopping

This sounds funny, but when you have brought a new guest in your house, you have the responsibility to take care of his basic needs, right? If you are a new dog owner, try to add these things to your list while you are out for shopping

  • Water bottles and foods
  • Collars
  • A doggy bed
  • A tennis ball

21. They Have a Short Span of Life

While the span of human life could be extended up to 90-100 years, dogs have hardly 10-12 years of life.

This fact is not to dishearten you, but to encourage you to take more and more care for your dog.

You should make your pet feel that you love him or her like anything. A perfect dog owner is a person who takes care of all the needs and demands of their lovable pet.

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