08 Best Indian Cat Breeds with Pictures 2020

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When planning to own a cheerful and playful pet, cats are an excellent option to try. Some people think that it is impossible to own a cat as a pet. But this may not be the case for all pet lovers.

As cats are territorial, they are more attached to territory compared to humans. Fundamentally, they are quite different in many aspects when compared to dogs.

However, for the cat lovers, nothing seems to be more delightful than going back home to a furry little thing to cuddle. Fancying about cats and cuddling them is definitely delightful, but one has to be careful enough when choosing the cat breeds.

Before you finalize with the indian cat breeds, you can visit the nearby animal center to get some idea about the cats.With mostly positive attributes, it is often known that the cats have become the new dogs that most Indian households choose for petting.

Go through the characteristics, appearance and temperament to have a better idea about the different breeds. Choose the one that will be suitable for your house. When planning to have a cat as a pet, you can choose from the popular eight indian cat breeds given below.

08 Indian Cat Breeds with Pictures

1. Siamese Cat

siamese cat

The Siamese cat has its origin in Shanghai, it is known to be among the first and most famous among the Asian cat breeds. Among its unique features, it has almond-shaped blue eyes, large-sized ears, small oval-shaped paws, and triangle-shaped head with slim legs.

Slender legs are one such feature that distinguishes this breed from others. With a creamy brown colored furry coat, it seeks human attention.

If not given so, they start to feel low and often cry. It has an excellent quality to gel up with other breeds, which is evidence of its friendly nature. It is one of the most commonly seen breeds in South East Asia.

2. Bombay Cat

bombay cat

The other name of Bombay Cat is a mini panther, and it is named so because of its color combination. Initially, it was a crossbreed of America and Burmese. However, it has been given the name to categorize it among Asian cats. This breed of cat grows short hair, with a black nose and coat and black soles.

Also, it has green or copper-colored eyes. These are friendly ones, which love to play and quick to learn new tricks. With their smart learning capacity, they can be quickly taught how to walk carefully on a leash.

Even when it comes to adapting to new surroundings, these cats are quick at doing it. In appearance, the cats have round heads and muscular build.

3. Himalayan Cat

himalayan cat

It is among the most popular cat breeds and some of its popular names are Himmie, Persian and Colourpaint. Usually, these cats are white with a long furry and fluffy coated tail. Other than this, the cats are red, brown, and creamin color. It has color points on the face, ears, tail and legs which are common for this breed.

With beautiful eyes, they are medium to large in size. Among its attributes, it is loving and loyal towards its master. They also crave human closeness. Instead of playing around in the open area, it loves to spend time on its owner’s lap. Therefore, it is not correct to consider them to be very athletic.

Given the fact that this breed came across by the Siamese and Persian breed, it bears some similarities with both, except for its blue eyes.

All these attributes make the breed among the preferred cats in India. It is further known that during the 1950s, the British and American breeders were interested in a growing Himalayan breed of the cat.

4. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Considered among the oldest Indian cat breeds, it is also the largest domesticated cat. The name is given after the famous official state cat in Maine in North America. Its friendly nature and pleasant nature make them popular among cat lovers.

With a thick furry coating on its body and around the eyes, it looks beautiful. Adding to this, the large eyes of the cat are cute to look at. For cat lovers, Maine Coon is among the cutest ones to have as pets.

It has a large body with tufted feet and the bushy tail gives it a prominent appearance with calmness. It gels up well with fellow cats and human beings and thus, it is suitable to consider this breed for petting.

5. American Bobtail

American Bobtail

This cat breed is common for its bobtail. With medium to large body size, these are usually rectangular. With their muscular and athletic appearance, they are heavy and are available in different patterns and colors. The tail is one of the unique features which is flexible and takes only one-third of its body length.

It is among the most loving pets and intelligent pets to keep them at home. It has the capability to create a strong bond with its master and interact in a friendly way. With a keen interest in playing different games, they find great fun in playing hide and seek or fetching something.

This is among the happiest breeds that are easily trained on a leash. Also, it is smart enough to play games like puzzles, games and others.

6. Spotted Cat or Indian Billi

spotted cat

The spotted cats go by their name and have an unusual beauty. People prefer them mostly for their appearance. Another reason to choose them as a pet is that they can easily adapt to the Indian weather and climatic changes.

This is one of the reasons due to which it is often known as Indian Billi.As per historical records, it originated in Sri Lanka and India, it is shy and affectionate.

These are among the wild ones, and so, they avoid human contact. They have grey spots all over their body with dark skin compared to the body color as per appearance.

The tail is so long that it almost touches the shoulder. You will slowly realize that it may be difficult for spotted cats to trust you quickly, even when you are friendly and loving with them.

7. Persian Cat

Persian cats

With its popularity in the USA and France, the other name of this breed is Persian longhair and Iranian.They are known among the beautiful cat breeds. With its origin in Iran, these are lazy and happy relaxing kind of nature. Though they are prone to biting, they often consider this act as part of their play.

With longing for attention, it tries to get some with its little fussy. It requires regular grooming that can keep it from biting and other activities when playing with it. In its appearance, it has a round face with twinkling eyes and long white hair.

Being among the top breeds of cats, celebrities often prefer petting this one. When worrying as you have a small living space, this breed is the safest option to try.

8. Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat

The Singapura Cat has another funny name: forever kitten. It is so because even after growing old in its age, it remains in the same playful habit and size only varies from 4 to 8 pounds. It has a low tone of voice and a loving nature to spend time on the owner’s lap.

However, it is among the preferred ones for its small and cute size. With a sepia tone of coat, it looks like a 19th century cat. Its prominent characteristics are playfulness, kid friendly, intelligent, affectionate towards family, friendly even with strangers, and easy to groom when done correctly.

Wrapping it Up

When looking for the correct option to choose as pets, try to go by the ones that can adapt better with the weather conditions in India. With the information given above, it shall help you choose one of your choices. Cats are among the low-maintenance pets that require less time commitment.

However, before you get the cats, try to know about its life expectancy. Normally, Indian cats live from 12 to 18 years and sometimes up to 20 years.

They slowly develop a bond with the owners and reveal their great loyalty. They are often very choosy about the person that wants to love and show affection. Along with this, try to grasp some knowledge about how to feed your cat. When undecided, try to contact an expert veterinarian for suitable guidance and feed them correctly.

Incorrect feeding can result in negative results, and it can hamper the correct growth of your pet. So, to maintain proper grooming and feeding, try to know about every aspect of the breed that you choose to pet for appropriate results.

I hope this indian cat breeds with pictures article give you a proper information about cat breeds. so if you like it then share with your friends on social media and which one you are going to adopt tell me in the comment section.

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