What to Feed Your Dog During a Lockdown and What not

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With the commencement of the lockdown due to COVID 19, the plight of the pet dogs has also become prominent.

For the last two or three months, a lot of changes have been experienced by people regarding their working schedule and daily lifestyle, for instance, virtually attending office hours in pyjamas, placating the domestic issues to pay heed to keep our fitness level at the peak at home, thanks to the closure of gyms.

Like us, our pets are also experiencing some changes in their lifestyle, mainly in terms of exercise, as the daily walking part of your dog in the fresh air has come to a halt.

In this situation, it is very important to keep your pet fit and healthy by paying attention to his or her food.

As it is not always possible to get hold of your pet’s favorite foodstuffs, you need to provide them with homemade foods that will be at the one hand delicious and on the other, a source of nourishment in this difficult times.

Here is a guide that will provide you adequate knowledge about what to feed your dog to keep your pet healthy during the lockdown and what not!

Food Items Preferably for Your Dog During the Lockdown

dog food

1. Wet Foods

During the lockdown, you can opt for wet dog foods as it will keep their stomachs full for a very long time, and at the same time, your pets are indeed the biggest advocates of wet foods.

The resemblance of wet foods with meat or by-products of meat makes it very dear to the dogs, and the most convenient matter is that you can mix it with any other items like meat or rice that is less expensive. So, it will save your pocket too.

Wet foods keep the moisture content of the urinary tract of your dogs. So, if, by any chance, the water intake of your pet suddenly falls off, it won’t create much problem.

So, proper water content involved in your pet’s food will deceive him or her into a weight loss plan. Otherwise, it is quite obvious that your pet will put on a lot of weight due to its reduced hours of exercise.

The presence of higher protein content in wet dog foods will keep your dog healthy and active.

2. Dry Dog Food

Dry kibble can be the perfect option for your pet in the lockdown if it has a proportionate amount of nutrition content and also won’t break the bank. The primary advantage of dry food is that you can measure it out.

A compact diet includes an adequate, accurate, and right portion of food which only the dry foods can provide. During the lockdown, as it is very difficult to go out to buy essentials regularly, a container of dry food can be easily stored for a long period and used before the shelf life expires.

The advantage is two-pronged. Firstly, little wastage of food and secondly, easy access to food items whenever needed.

As dry dog foods often keep your pet’s teeth clean, but dogs, having tooth and gum problems, find it hard to chew dry kibble.

According to the need of your dog, in such cases, wet dog food can be given in place of dry kibbles.

3. Chicken and Rice

The most easily accessible food that you can have in your rooms is chicken and rice as these two are the most popular items that we eat regularly.

So, if you choose rice that is a staple food, and a light preparation, or maybe simple boiled chicken for your dog, you have many headaches gone from your head. The first and foremost thing is that it is easily available as more often than not we consume it.

Nowadays, as the shopping malls are closed, it is almost impossible to get proper readymade food for your pets. Secondly, these two items are most loved by your pets.

But it is recommended not to give them raw chicken as the presence of salmonella or other bacterias may harm them. Anything in between less spicy to boiled chicken would do the work marvelously.

You should also debone the chicken as it may cause choking problems. Chicken would not only make a place in your dog’s diet as a tasty meal, but the protein content and benefits it has are immense.

If you have no idea how to prepare a tasty chicken recipe for your dog, try searching for some vet-approved chicken preparation, and you are good to go.

Food Items That You Should Avoid for Your Pets During the Lockdown

chocolate for dog

In some countries, the Government did not consider dog food as essential items at the onset of lockdown, albeit they have allowed dog food as essential items much later.

If you have faced this situation, you may know how difficult it is to feed your dog as most of the dog owners didn’t store nuggets or dry foods for their pets before the lockdown.

They may at that time have resorted to some easily accessible items like chocolate, alcohol, citrus fruits, etc. without knowing the range of harm that these foods can instill to their pet.

For all dog owners, here is a list of some food items that you must avoid providing your dog in any circumstances.

1. Alcohol

Though it sounds a bit weird to someone when they see alcohol in the list of strict no-no items for pets.

Who does provide alcohol to his or her dog?

Right! Yes, you would be amazed to know that some people buy alcohol-free beer for their pets. Though it is alcohol-free, a smidgen of alcohol that is present in a piece of bread or herbal syrups may cause serious problems for your dog and can lead to diarrhea, CNS depression, vomiting, breathing problem, acidity, etc.

While there is a dearth of vet doctors during the lockdown, you can easily understand how difficult the situation would be if your dog suffers from such health problems because of your apathy.

2. Chocolate, Coffee or Caffeine Related Items

Chocolates and drinks contain caffeine are the most available items to be found in our refrigerator but do not let your pet have these items never, albeit out of affection.

These products contain methylxanthines. If it is consumed by pets, the outcome would be in the form of panting, excessive urination, diarrhea, and abnormal heart rhythms.

Although you can prefer some white chocolate for your pet as it contains a minimum level of methylxanthine, dark chocolates for them are deadly.

Keep in mind what suits you may prove fatal to your dog and instruct your children to act by these rules also.

3. Citrus Fruits

The seeds, stems, peels, or fruit of any citrus plant, having a good amount of citric acid are deleterious for your pets.

Although a very small amount is unlikely to cause any severe problems other than stomach upset, if consumed in a sizeable amount, it can cause CNS depression and gastrointestinal upsets.

The more you are aware of what foods to avoid for your dog during this lockdown, the more you will able to choose the accurate, proper and healthy foods to keep your dog strong, healthy, and fit during this precarious time.

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